My Lover

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My Lover by Darwin Blake

You bring such joy its plain to see.
Your brightness is a part of me.
Everyday you make me smile.
I often sit and think a while.
Without you I’m in deep despair.
The softness of your auburn hair.
The way you look at me and say.
You love me more and more each day.
And while I sit and write this poem.
I wonder where its really going.
Am I cheesy? Yes I guess.
But you really do just beat the rest.
Where will this end? This cheesy prose.
I love it when you flick my nose.
I love it when you scowl at me.
Whilst drinking your cold cup of tea.
Should I go and heat it up?
I really do think I should stop.
Or maybe I’ve just lost the plot.
Maybe I should write a song.
One where we both belong.
In this poem its plain to see.
My love. You mean the world to me.

This poem is the intellectual property of Darwin Blake, posted here with his permission.  If you steal from him karma will comeback and bite you. The Lovers.

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