Author Liz Crowe: Additional Books & Exclusive Sneak Peek of an Upcoming Book

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In addition to The Stewart Realty Series, Liz Crowe has published the following books:

Turkish Delights Series

  1. Turkish Delights
  2. Blue Cruise
  3. Tulip Princess
  4. Diplomat’s Daughter (Prequel to Turkish Delights)
  5. Flower Passage

Standalone Books

  1. Caught Offsides
  2. Vegas Miracle
  3. Cheeky Blonde
  4. Lust on Tap
  5. Paradise Hops:  October 15, 2012


The Suite  (BDSM side series)

  • Mutual Release:  April 2013
  • Due Diligence:  June 2013
  • **In His Shadow will release tentatively winter of 2013 ostensibly as an offshoot of this series.  This is the book I mentioned earlier—a dark study of how some guys are NOT “Doms” but merely controlling abusers.  It will be a first person point of view, memoir style, which is new for me.  I’m excited about it.
**Exclusive Sneak Peak:  First Lines of In His Shadow**
When I was twenty-four years old, I met a monster.  Not the obvious kind with sharp teeth, or claws, or even a scary face.  No, my own personal monster was disguised as a six foot, four inch handsome, charming, and successful man who pretended to love me.  Well, maybe he did love me in his way.  But if I had not gotten away from him, he would have killed me, slowly, by turning me against myself in a way that would leave his hands clean, but me dead.  I am still trying to get over it, and him, because he burrowed so deeply into my psyche I may never be truly free.

Black Jack Gentlemen (soccer side series)

  • Man On: January 2013
  • Free Agent:  (the coach’s story): February 2013
  • Penalty Kick: March 2013
  • Tactical Foul: May 2013

Brewing Passion (revised):

  • Brewing Passion: August 2013
  • The Tap Room:  October 2013
  • Specific Gravity: December 2013

All of these series will have various excerpts and breaking news on my Liz’s , website, and Facebook “romance for real life” group.

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