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Title Down To You
Author M.Leighton
Genre Adult Contemporary Romance
Rating 5/5 Stars

He’s everything you WANT; But he’s everything you NEED

Here’s the scenario: Two incredibly gorgeous men built like football players are attracted to YOU! But they have completely different personalities, hopes, and dreams: one is the “good” boy and one is the “bad” boy. If given the choice, how would you choose between the two?

Olivia Townsend had the exact same dilemma. (Geesh, don’t we wish we all had that problem?) Olivia is a college student living with her rich, snobby cousin, Marissa, as a last resort, as her roommate bailed on her. The two of them are like night and day and do not share a close relationship.

One night at a bachelorette party, Olivia meets Cash Davenport, who owns his own night club, Dual, and is the typical bad boy. Cash is sexy and a definite tease. There is instant chemistry between the two of them.

The following day, Marissa introduces Olivia to her lawyer boyfriend. Not only is Nash very handsome, charming, intelligent, successful, grounded, responsible but he is also Cash’s twin brother. With just one electrifying touch, Olivia can’t stop thinking about Nash. In her mind, Nash is everything she needs in a man and exactly what her mother told her to set her sights on. However, she knows they can never be together because of Olivia is the martyr. She won’t take risks anymore and will just let life pass her by. Nash is taken, and she doesn’t want to be “that girl.”

“If I ever become a thief, Nash will be the first thing I steal.”

“Note so self: Do not expect coherent thought to be possible when staring at Nash. Motor skills may be impaired as well. Take necessary precautions.”

With a broken down car, over an hour drive to work, and some encouragement from Nash, Olivia begins working for Cash, as the club is much closer to her home. It only takes one kiss for Olivia to feel the strong attraction to Cash.

“I know she wants me. Or at least I think she does. I just think she doesn’t want to want me. That alone piques my interest.” ~ Cash

“Hearing her laugh is like listening to the best kind of symphony.” ~ Nash

Throughout the book, Olivia is torn emotionally because she knows in her mind Nash is the right guy to be with–the good boy. And since he is a good guy, he will never be Olivia’s because he will never cheat on Marissa. But there are many scenes throughout the book where Nash can’t contain his feelings towards Olivia any longer. Although Cash is the bad boy, he is the one who challenges Olivia and just wants her to feel and not think. But she has been down this road before with bad boys, and it never has a happy ending. She is done making that mistake. Or is she?

Eventually, Olivia accidentally learns that not only have the boys lied to her but they have also hid something from her. Regardless of the reasons, her natural instinct is to run as far as she can from both of them. But then she would be running away from love. Maybe she won’t have to choose after all…

Author, M.Leighton, does an absolutely incredible, and praise worthy, job writing Down To You from three points of view: Olivia, Nash, and Cash. I have never read another book written this way but must say the flow was seamless from chapter to chapter. Kudos to you Ms. Leighton for a job well done.

The overall steam and hot scenes in this book cannot be overlooked. I will guarantee you that cold showers (yes, more than one) will be required. The bar scene when Olivia is “auditioning,” the public restroom, the four wheelers…oh, I could go on and on about how many “favorite scenes” there were in this book (well, the ones that I marked as my favorite).

In addition to the steamy love scenes, there are so many funny quotes and moments written throughout the book. One of my absolute favorite quotes is:

“In the meantime, get those penis problems fixed. Every hen house needs a cock, but only the special hens can handle more than one. Try ’em out then pick one and stick with it. You’re not old enough to play with two toys at the same time. That’s cougar territory.”

This book was definitely one that I had a hard time putting down and “calling it a night” (even though my Kindle had hit me in the face at least five times in a row). The characters were engaging, entertaining, real, and very relatable. The writing was superb and flowed so naturally. And once again, I was so drawn in by the flirting between Nash and Olivia and Cash and Olivia, as well as the steamy sex scenes. Without a doubt, this book deserves a 5-star rating and is definitely worth a re-read.

An ARC of this book was provided to us by the author.

Review done by Michelle Eck
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