Favorite Quotes: Trust in Advertising

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We’ve complied a list of our favorite quotes from Trust in Advertising. We hope you enjoy them! 🙂

“Never forget to be true to yourself and go after your dreams, for dreams really do come true – Michelle Futton

“You’re smart and witty. You’re so talented and really have an eye for advertising. Trust in that, and trust in the person who interviewed you today to see that about you.” – Hope

“I need a phone number”….”’Hired assassins don’t come cheap, Lexi. Do you have enough cash on hand?’ Sean leaned forward and began flipping through his Rolodex. ‘Guido the Squid is good and works on credit, but he’s kinda messy. How about Jimmy? You get a discount if you use him, cuz he only has one hand.’” – Lexi & Sean

“…the suits he wore were just plan unfair. No woman alive should resist Vincent Drake in Prada menswear.”

“’Well find him.’….’Nope, he’s not in my drawer.’” – Jade & Lexi

“’I’ll tell Sean you said he was hot’…’I said he was a rat bastard with the potential to be hot!’” – Hope & Lexi

“I’m sorry…for everything, but most of all for not remembering you…How could I not notice you?” – Vincent

“’Emergency situation. We need to make Jade disappear.’….’Finally! Sean knows a guy—he only has four fingers, but I hear he’s good at what he does.’” – Lexi & Leigh

“Man, you sound just like Vince. Creepy…who peed in your cereal?” – Sean

“I think it means so far Sean has had the good sense to keep his mouth shut. Either that, or she’s killed him and is dumping his body into the bay as we speak. Don’t let her size fool you. She knows how to wield a tire iron.” – Lexi

“You are an amazing woman, Alexandra White. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently, not even me.” – Vincent

“My life is better with you in it” – Vincent

“It was a very big deal” – Vincent

“He has a girlfriend. One who at this second is still wrapped around him like spandex on a hooker and would love nothing more than to obliterate me from the planet Earth.” – Lexi

“…Had I known the screeching bansheelike tone of her voice, I would have suggested he throw holy water on her.” – Sean

“’Do I even want to know what you’re all hysterical about?’….’Jade’s breasts’….’I’m going back outside with your father and Maddie. They’re talking about caterpillars. That’s more my speed.’” – Elizabeth & Sean

“’We need to get rid of Jade’…’I got duck tape in the car’….’I know a guy.’” – Anna, Hope & Sean

“Come on…Let’s go save poor Lexi from our daughter and have some fun before Satan’s whore arrives.” – Anna

“’Oh Lord, Margaritas? I hope you’re making Mom a virgin.’….’I can’t turn back the hands of time. Mom’s days as a virgin are long gone.’” – Vincent & Anna

“’Are you in the middle of something important, or can I grab you for a few minutes.’…..’Mr. Drake, I don’t think that would be appropriate.’” – Vincent & Lexi

“Lexi Drake, I like the sound of that” – Robert

“…My life felt like it was an endless night before you came along and showed me the sun again, I don’t want to lose you.” – Vincent

“’I’m not avoiding anything. It’s called self-preservation’….’No, it’s called being a coward.’” – Lexi & Hope

“Life won’t stand still for you. It keeps moving, always changing and time is the one thing you can never get back.” – Hope

“I love you, Alexandra White. You are the miracle that walked into my life not once but twice, and I’m not going to let you go. I can’t. You’re a part of me now…I will never forgive myself for hurting you, but I promise that till spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you. We can take it slow. I can give you space and time as long as I know you love me. Wherever you are is home to me…We have been given this once in a lifetime opportunity, and if you let me, I will love you until my dying breath.” – Vincent

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