Review: Victoria Michaels’s Trust in Advertising

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Title: Trust in Advertising
Author: Victoria Michaels
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Grade/Rating: 5 out of 5

Trust in Advertising is a love story that will make your heart melt and break…in a GREAT way! Lexi has just lost her only other family member, her father Harry, and she moves to San Francisco to start over. She had put her dreams to work in advertising aside to care for Harry, and now she’s ready and willing to give it a second chance. Her best friend, Hope, gives her the courage to apply for jobs and she lands a great job in a prestigious company, Hunter Advertising. However, she never would have thought that she would see her high school crush again, let alone WORK for him as his assistant! Vincent Drake was the guy in school that every girl wanted to be next to, including Lexi. Ten years later, is it fate or just a coincidence that brings them back together?

If you were that shy girl in high school, the wallflower, the one who watched from afar, then you’ll definitely LOVE this book. If you weren’t, then you’ll STILL LOVE this book because it’s an engaging story. You get to see Lexi fulfill her dreams as well as see the interactions between Vincent and Lexi. Victoria Michaels has an amazing writing style that makes her characters seem so real & makes you think they could be your best friends. Michaels will make you root for Lexi after the rough life that she’s had; you cheer her on, watching her try and make her dreams come true. She’ll also have you wanting to have a best friend like Hope. Hope is there to be her wing girl and support her. When things begin to crash around Lexi, she’s there to help her pick herself right up.

Lexi is a driven and selfless woman that you aspire to be like. She’s fun and bold and knows exactly how to put stubborn Vincent in his place! Vincent Drake isn’t who he was in high school either; he’s now a VP and determined as hell to not let anyone bring him down. Vincent’s had a tough life too and can’t seem to shake off his MAJOR trust issues…until Lexi. 😉 One thing Lexi has going for her is her ability to get past Vincent’s trust issues. Vincent has a habit of going through personal assistants and has a new one assigned to him often. So when Lexi gets hired he no doubt believes she will be out the door ASAP, but our Lexi is stronger than that and surprises him. One memorable scene has Lexi trying to find an elusive file and Vincent knows she will fail at finding it. One can only imagine the look on his face when she reports finding it.

Along with Lexi and Vincent, Michaels did a great job of creating a wholesome family atmosphere. The Drakes, the Caldwells, and Vincent’s best-friend Sean, are the ones you want to have a barbeque with and invite over for a few laughs. Everything seems perfect, until we remember that Vincent is still with his supermodel girlfriend, Jade. *gags* She’s the girl you love to hate because she’s astonishingly rude, even to our adorable five-year-old Madison.

There’s so much we loved about Trust in Advertising; and we highly recommend it! If you’re looking for a book that not only talks about two people falling in love, but also about a woman taking chances and fighting for her own happiness, then add it to your list NOW! Otherwise like Sean, we know a guy! 😉

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