Review: Jessie Harrell’s Destined

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Title: Destined
Author: Jessie Harrell
Genre: YA Romance/Mythology
Grade/Rating: 4 out of 5

Destined is a modern take on the  mythological story of Psyche & Eros (Cupid). You may have seen the famous sculpture by Antonio Canova, which depicts Cupid holding his beloved Psyche tenderly as she awakens from a deep sleep. Canova was inspired from the novel Metamorphoses (The Golden Ass) by Latin author Apuleius, as was our dear author, Jessie Harrell.

You may know Cupid (Eros) as the god of love, the baby with a diaper and wings holding an arrow to make people fall in love. BUT did you know he was also in love himself? AND that he was married!? Well, that’s what this story is about.

You see, Eros had his own great love story with the mortal Psyche. There are many versions of their romance, but the one thing that is agreed upon is that they had many obstacles to overcome to finally be together eternally, including Eros’s mother. In the Roman version his mother is Venus and in the Greek,  Aphrodite–both goddesses of love. Legend has it Eros’s mother became so jealous of the beautiful Psyche that she told her son to cast a spell that would make her unable to marry! How rude! 😉 And so begins the story of how Eros and Psyche find their way to happiness.

Jessie Harrell’s novel touches upon all of these facts and mixes in her own ideas to create a wonderful story that will capture your heart! Even though this book is about Greek gods  and immortals, this novel isn’t your typical history lesson! Harrell did a great job making these characters resemble people we may know in real life and personifying them in modern ways, including the way they speak and act. There are also little things, like the cheesecake in the story, and certain details that you will be surprised were truly part of those times! The main characters were your typical teenagers/young adults who find true love in a sweet way. Their story has a positive message, fighting for what you believe in and following your heart.  Although Psyche is torn between what others tell her and how she truly feels, she chooses to follow her instincts and trust Eros.

Harrell made this old and not-so-fun-to-study-in-school story appealing to everyone. It was a joy to read and very different from what we’ve known before. Though others might not like minor changes in the story, Harrell made this tale her own. It’s a wonderful read, and I recommend it those who appreciate art, mythology, and anything creative! If you’re one of those I described, then go get your copy because “you cannot escape what is destined” 😉 Go now!

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