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Welcome to Poetry Wednesday!

The polls have closed and the numbers have been tallied in our first poetry contest.  We had a wonderful time reading and sharing the nine entries with our blog, Facebook, and Twitter followers.  The Lovers would like to extend our gratitude to each of the poets who took to write and express themselves on our site as well as to our Poet Laureate, Mr. Darwin Blake, for taking on the daunting task of judging the five with the highest votes.

Below is a message from Mr. Blake:

All poems gave me wonderful images of passion, desire, love and care. 
So very difficult for me to pick one but as you can see I managed it. 
Well done to all finalists. 
Truly deserving of being in the top five as I know there were many excellent poems in the competition.

Congratulations to the winner and l look forward to reading more of their work once their name is announced.

Thank-you for the pleasure of judging and I look forward to posting my own in the next one.

Darwin Blake.

The Almost Famous Author. 

Congratulations to everyone and thank you so much for participating!

Now! Onto what you really want to know.  The poem with the highest score is…


by D.E.Brooks (Deidre)

Let go of restraint and free your mind clear your soul and close your eyes while I take your hand.
No need for fear, my darling, I’m here, let’s go for a walk on the sand.
Rely on me to keep you safe, I’ll never lead you astray.
Feel the sand, cool underfoot; windswept, no trace of being disturbed.
Your footprints and mine are all we’ll leave behind, as we walk the shore.
Take my sweater, wrap around your arms, as the air is not yet warm.
Trust me.
You lead me to the water’s edge, cooly lapping at my toes.
The sand packed hard beneath my feet, like walking on flexible stone.
Your scent wrapped around me, while I hold your hand, you bring me back a few steps, to the softer sand.
My eyes still closed, you lower me down.
You’ve planned ahead, and placed a blanket upon which to rest our heads.
We’re leaning back against a dune, and you say to open my eyes.
I’m looking out toward the sea at a beautiful sunrise.
To trust implicitly my heart to yours I do without command.
I know no fear with you, my love, for you’ll always have my hand.

If you’d like to read more of Deidre’s poems, visit her blog: http://theredvelvetchair.wordpress.com/

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