Boycotts & Barflies: Character Interview

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Bar picTiffany & I had a very fun chat with Michael Andris from Boycotts & Barflies; and it’s SWOON-WORTHY! 😉

1. How is the gang? Now that everything is out in the open has anything changed?
Everyone is great, but busy as hell. Now that everything’s out in the open, everyone’s a lot more… relaxed, if you know what I mean.

2. How did you know what size Grace was when you bought her that sexy black outfit?
Since I know Ryan will rat me out if I give a BS answer, so *grins* I asked Meg.

3. Have you had the grand opening of Tryst yet? If so, how did you all celebrate? *cough* with pizza…? 😉
Tryst has opened and it was a great night for all of us. The girls came and helped out with the opening. Then after we closed, Grace and I had a little celebration of our own.

4. How do you make Sex with a Bartender and Orgasm?
Ahhhh, two of my favorites for sure.

You’ll never forget your first Sex with the Bartender. *winks*

      It’s served in a Martini Glass

½ shot Coconut rum (Malibu)
½ shot orange liqueur (Cointreau, Grand Marnier)
½ shot lime juice
1 splash of grenadine syrup

Fill glass the rest of the way with 7-up or Sprite
Garnish with lemons/limes
1 splash Irish Cream (Bailey’s)

The Orgasm has many … variations as I’m sure you know. There’s the screaming, the white, the tropical, the heavenly, and my personal favorite, the multiple screaming orgasm, so I think that’s the one I’ll give you.

      This is served in a Collins glass (over ice)

½ oz. Amaretto
½ oz. Irish Cream (Bailey’s)
½ oz. Kahlua
½ oz. Light Rum
½ oz. Vodka

Fill rest of the way with cream

5. Describe the shoes you would want Grace to wear for you; if that was the ONLY thing she was going to wear.
Boots, black leather, high heels, over the knee.

6. What’s on your Christmas wish list? What charm for Grace’s bracelet will you buy her this year?
All I want for Christmas is a nice long vacation. I’ve been crazy busy with Tryst and a week, on the beach with Grace in a bikini sounds like heaven. The charm I have for Grace this year is a shooting star because she loves to make wishes on them, she’s like a little kid.

7. Who would you pick to be your best man at your wedding? I assume you will have 2 to choose from. 🙂
Wedding? Have you been talking to my mother? *laughs* I’d probably go with the ‘best men’ option. I’d need both of them with me…

8. What great things have Susan & Liz done recently to make you and Grace blush?
See the previous question. Strangely enough, now that you mention it, I recently started getting mailings and catalogues from all the jewelers in town. They even call me when they are having sales. How they got my number I have no idea. Neither of the moms will confess to being behind that one. And they’re both apparently obsessed with that show where the girls shop for wedding dresses on TV. It’s on every time we come over to either of their houses. They’re as subtle as a heart attack.

9. What are your plans this New Year’s Eve?
Me, Grace, champagne, and a roaring fire. And maybe those boots we were talking about earlier. *smirks*

10. Describe your best day so far with Grace.
New Year’s was amazing, but I also love the quiet days when it’s just she and I on the couch watching TV. She’s an amazing woman.

7 Smooches Showdown

  1. One item you cannot live without?
    My iPod
  2. Favorite drink?
    Gin and tonic
  3. Guilty pleasure?
    Bubble baths…with Grace. Don’t tell Jack or I’ll never live it down.
  4. Favorite author/book?
    Catcher in the Rye
  5. Dogs or cats?
  6. Tight dress or t-shirt & jeans?
    T-shirt and jeans
  7. Chocolate mousse or body shot?
    Chocolate mousse

Since it’s Day 4 and I can’t get enough of Michael & his friends, there’s another giveaway! Just like yesterday it is only going to be up for 24 hours; and who ever wins gets an ebook of Boycotts & Barflies…along with bragging rights! (Sorry no Manolo’s ladies! 😉 )


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