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Victoria Michaels TreeI’m so LUCKY to have interviewed another one of my favorite authors. Not once…but TWICE this year!! Here’s my second interview with Trust in Advertising and Boycotts & Barflies author, Victoria Michaels! 🙂
Have fun!

1. What was your favorite pastime as a kid? Did you like reading/writing?
I loved to read. I read all the Nancy Drew books, the Little House on the Prairie books and I loved, loved, the Trixie Belden books. I enjoyed a good mystery. I also played softball and swam. My summers were swimming, softball, and books 🙂

2. Is there any book that influenced you in any way? Any books that you found inspiring?
I can’t say there was a single book that inspired me, but what I love in general about books is being taken away into this other world the author has created for a while. I love the emotions reading can bring out in you and I guess that’s why I initially started writing to try and make people laugh and have fun.

3. At what point did you realize being an author wasn’t just a dream but something you wanted to turn into reality?
I think it’s all still difficult to wrap my head around that I have two published books. I never set out to be a writer, but it turns out it’s something that I discovered I had a knack for and I went with it.

4. What’s a typical working day for you like?
I’m typically a hot mess. I have my spot on the couch where I like to sit and I’m usually flanked by a glass of ice tea. I’m not someone who will disappear for hours and write three chapters. I write, then take a break. Either because one of my kids needs something or just to clear my head. Then I’ll think of something during that downtime and go back to writing. It’s kinda scattered, but it works 😉

5. Who or what motivates you to write?
I do better when I’m on the hook to someone. When I know they are waiting for me to send them something that motivates me more than anything. I do have a dear friend who has been with me from the beginning of all of this and she just helped me get through NaNoWriMo which was no small task. She’s a great motivator, cheerleader and I adore her. Plus she gives me honest criticism which I think is extremely important when you write. Knowing she’ll be straight with me helps.

6. Do you have a favorite place/time to work?
The place is my couch. Time of day, typically early morning. 7am on a Saturday before the rest of my family wakes up is golden time for me. Also late at night some good things pop into my mind. Driving in the car is strangely inspiring at times. I have many notes I jot into my phone at stop lights.

7. What type of book/authors do you read for fun?
I read romance a lot and YA, there is a ton of great YA out there and I’m often the one suggesting books to my girls. Romance authors I adore: JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lori Foster, Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole, Christine Feehan. When I’m in a bad mood I pull out my Janet Evanovich and laugh my butt off and get a Joe Morelli fix. I really could go on and on. There are so many amazing authors out there and I read waaaaay too much…

8. How did you get involved with Omnific? I had a previous relationship with Elizabeth the owner and she offered me the opportunity to publish Boycotts & Barflies and then Trust in Advertising and so I took it. It was a great opportunity and one I will always be grateful for.

Check out the B&B trailer by Omnific: CLICK ME

9. What would you say makes your writing different from other authors?
I think there’s a lot of ‘me’ in my books and that’s what makes them unique. I think five people could all write the same story, but it’s the bits of themselves they put into a book that make it different and special.

10. Is there a message in your novels that you want readers to walk away with?
That love is a fun and amazing thing when you find it. And in the end, you find that the two people are better together than they are apart. That’s what true love is to me anyway.

11. If you could describe your books in 3 words what would they be?
Fun, flirty, and snarky.

Boycotts & Barflies

12. What inspired you to write Boycotts & Barflies? How long did it take to finish?
Before I wrote B&B I had written some funny pieces, ones that I really enjoyed but I wanted to see if I could pull off writing a love story from beginning to end. Two people meeting, falling in love and finding a way to make it work. It was a challenge to myself, one that I think paid off. It took me probably 4 months to write? Maybe a little longer.

13. Was B&B harder to write or did it just come together easily? How did it compare to TiA?
B&B was easier for me because it was light and fun. TiA had some more tense situations, but B&B was fun from beginning to end as far as the storyline went and it was a fairly smooth write.

14. How did you choose Portland as the backdrop for the story?
I have some family in the areas and I mentioned those little pieces of ‘me’ in the books…

15. Is anything in the book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?
Not much is based on real life, a lot of it is what I wished I would have done a few times in my life, like ordering all the pizzas and things like that, but most is pure imagination. The songs I used in the book though, those are all some of my favorites 🙂

16. What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
I loved writing the bar scenes. They were fun and I wished I could have been there to watch it all play out. Especially when the guys did their bar tricks!

17. Who were your favorite characters to write? The parents are just as hysterical as the kids!
Parents and kids are always fun to write because they change the dynamics between the characters so easily. Whenever parents are in the room we turn into those 13 year old kids, praying they don’t embarrass us, so that’s always fun. And not being the mom of teenagers, I know how easily I can wield that power over them so it’s fun. But I think I loved writing the guys because I could just let them be ridiculous with that hint of oblivious that makes us love them.

18. If you could meet any of the characters from B&B, who would it be & what would you be doing?
Dancing with Michael. Hands down. *insert my Chris Hemsworth fantasy montage here*

19. Susan is one of my favorite characters & she LOVES Christmas too! Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?
One of my favorite memories of Christmas is going to sound odd, but my dad passed away two years ago, so it’s very sentimental to me now. It’s of my dad, surrounded by yards of ripped up wrapping paper on Christmas morning. Whenever the last gift was opened, he’d wait all of thirty seconds, then pull out a big, black trash bag and start cleaning up all the paper. It drove him crazy. It’d take him longer to clean up than it did to open everything and every year, he’d be so proud because he’d find one or two gifts my brothers and I hadn’t opened because they got lost under all the paper.

20. Both the girls and guys have great bailing methods. Do you have a go-to move with your hubby?
With four kids we typically ‘need to get home.’ When they were little it was to save the babysitter .Now that they are old enough to be home themselves we leave to make sure they aren’t killing each other. 🙂

21. We know you’re a fan of football just like Grace & the boys. Are you a fanatic for sportswear like
Meg? Do you have a collection of foam fingers? 😉

I am a sports nut and superstitious. I have been known to rearrange the sitting positions of my children on the couch if someone moved and the momentum of the game changed. Pro football mainly and everyone in my real life knows what team I like so yes, I think I am a bit fanatical about it. Every dress down day at school I’m decked out in Black and Gold. It’s a given. If I didn’t, the kids would ask me why I’m not wearing it.

22. I noticed there are little details related to numbers, i.e. movie theater 12, number 7 buckle, room 315, etc. Do they mean anything or just random?
Sometimes those are little pieces of me again, a theater my husband and I went to a lot when we were dating, a highway in town where I live. Somehow those familiar number sound better to me as I’m writing.

23. If B&B were a movie, in my dream, I’d play Grace, Julia Louis-Dreyfus my mother & Stanley Tucci my dad. Haha Do you have anyone in mind to play your characters?
I love your casting! They would be fabulous!! The one I have in my head, and it has to do with my fan girl style crush on him, I’d die to have Chris Hemsworth play Michael. *fans self* I might not survive some of the bar scenes with him in it though. For Grace I’d go with someone like Jennifer Lawrence who could pull off that down to earth girl and the unassuming sexiness that she has. Plus, my son thinks she’s “a babe.”

24. If you could picture any of the characters from TiA and B&B meeting, who would they be?
Ohhh Vincent and Lexi could do an ad campaign for Michael and they guys at the bar! Now that would be a scene to write 🙂

25. You mentioned before you were working on a YA book and a Romantic/Suspense. We’re excited to read your next project! *squeals* How are they coming along? Any sequels in the works *hint hint* 😉
Sadly there are no sequels in the works. There is a sequel to B&B but it was a short pile of goofiness that I write. I doubt it will ever see the light of day. As for new projects, I have been a busy girl since last we talked. I still have the YA and the Romantic/Suspense I was working on and I’m hoping to get back to them  over the winter but I had another idea for a book that kinda came to me and after talking to a friend of mine, I decided to sit down and write it. I used NaNoWriMo as my motivator and right before I started answering these questions I was finishing up one of the last two chapters! Now, I literally sat down and typed it out like a crazy woman so I have to go back and do a lot of editing work but I am really excited with the story and how it’s turned out so far. It’s another Romantic Suspense; I must be in phase or something. I just like to try new things and this is one I’m really excited about so when I have something solid, I’ll have to give you a sneak peek.

26. What question have you always wanted to be asked? What would your answer be?
No one has ever asked me how many copies of my books I own. The answer- one of each 🙂


7 Smooches Showdown

  1. Favorite movie food?
    Popcorn, extra butter and twizzlers (yes that part of me made the book too 😉
  2. Manolo Blahniks or bragging rights?
    Bragging rights, I’m stubborn like that.
  3. Shopping weakness?
    Purses- Michael Kors purses.
  4. Favorite football team?
    *waves Terrible Towel* STEELERS! WOOT!
  5. Peacock lust or blue?
    Peacock lust of course 😉
  6. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
  7. Do you believe in love at first sight?
    Yep. Lived it.

Since it’s Day 4 in our Christmas Reads week (and I can’t get enough of Victoria and her books) there’s another giveaway! Just like yesterday it is only going to be up for 24 hours; and who ever wins gets an ebook of Boycotts & Barflies…along with bragging rights! (Sorry no Manolo’s! 😉 )


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