Review: R.L. Mathewson’s Tall, Dark & Lonely

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Tall, Dark & Lonely coverTitle: Tall, Dark & Lonely
Author: R.L. Mathewson
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Adult
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

I came across R.L. Mathewson’s books a few months ago and I could not put them down! Not one! I started with the Neighbor from Hell series and quickly began the Pyte/Sentinel after. Tall, Dark & Lonely is the first book in this series and if you are a fan of a “forever kind” of love this book is for you!

Ephraim is a two-hundred and six year old Pyte (born from a vampire father and human mother) that falls head over heels for Madison. He’s caring, loyal and generous and only has eyes for his tenant’s human granddaughter. At first sight (and smell) he is attracted to her and her blood. 😉

Madison is twenty-three year old woman who has had a rough life, and that’s putting it mildly. Her deadbeat mother has never cared for her or her two younger kids and because of this Madison has had to grow up faster than most to look after her siblings, Jill (fifteen) and Joshua (ten). Madison has spent her whole life putting her family first to provide for them and now she has a chance to be at ease when she moves the family in with her grandmother. What she wasn’t expecting was to fall in love, let alone with a pyte and the danger that it may bring.

This story is one of my favorites. Madison has a lot to learn and Ephraim is the perfect guy to teach her. Even though Madison has grown up extremely fast, she’s still very sheltered when it comes to boys and dating. Ephraim is the first man that makes her feel special and when she tries to reach out he flees because he knows once he starts a romance or more with her, he won’t stop!

Another favorite part of this book is that I get to continue to read the story in Without Regret (book 2) & Tall, Dark & Heartless (book 3) and hopefully 4 this year! 😉 Once you read this story you won’t get enough of the characters and their personalities. Each character will remind you of someone you know and you’ll grow to adore each one! Don’t miss this series! You can’t beat the price! 🙂

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