Lovers Month Poem: Even by B.L. Ronan

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by: b.l. ronan

the predawn hours
make the chase
a place of magic.
tall grasses billowing in the wind
before a shadowed forest.
the mist creates an air of mysterious

this place resonates in my soul
for it is where our forever began
plans blossomed
a future

it still astounds me
that across oceans
our souls
found their way to each other.
for years,
i wished
in wells
on stars
forgotten eyelashes.

i believed
though i thought such love
was out of my reach.
it was made for storybooks
and others.
but your heart
it sang to mine –
melded itself within
to beat

the warmth of the reality
the perfection
that is the synchronization of our hearts
elates me.

i reach for your hand
but i am alone.
i turn.
all around me
and the expansive forest
that is the chase.
and me.

overtake me
because i am never alone
in this sacred space.
my eyes search to no avail.
when on a whispered wind,
the faintness of your voice calls
to me.

eager to once again feel your presence,
i run towards you.
barked columns surround me
and i skirt
amongst the shadows
and fog
towards your ever moving voice.

the desperate need for the chase to end
buckles my knees.
and panicked
i wrap my arms around myself
no longer sure of where i am
or how to get back to where i was.

tears begin to fall,
when the darkness
the fog
is pierced by the rising sun.
eyes adjusting to the light
i realize that i am, in fact,
back at the edge of the tree line.
the open grassy expanse
alit before me
and silhouetted against the sun’s rays
is you.

my feet find purchase,
and i run.
i forget my fear
confusion –
when i see the love
burning in your eyes
lighting your smile.

i throw myself in your arms.
you surround me
enfold me
tightly within your embrace.
one arm around my waist,
you cup my cheek
kissing away my tears
before lowering your lips to my own.

travels the coarse of my body
and my eyes
pop open.

i am no longer outside
in the dew covered grass,
but here

in our bed.
you lie asleep next me –
your breathing heavy and deep.
i reach for your hand,
lacing our fingers together.
holding on i know
that despite how lost i may become
what space may divide us
your heart
your soul
will find mine –
my dreams.

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