VERSUS: Which Character is Tops?

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It’s time to settle that dispute.  That’s right, it’s time to figure out which character comes out on top in our new series, Versus. Each week, we’ll pin two book characters against each other and see who you, the readers, vote as the undisputed winner.  Be sure to try to get others to vote for your favorite character by campaigning for them in the comment section below.

Our first set of characters are competing for best leading man…

Gabriel Collage

Fifty Collage

Here’s a look at Gabriel Emerson:
Profession: Professor of Italian Studies
Physical Description: Dark hair, blue eyes, sexy toes
Enemies: Christa Peterson, Paul, Wikipedia, Simon, Paulina
Kindness is never wasted.”
“I’ll give you anything. My body, my soul, Take them. Take everything.”
“If I have a soul, it’s yours.”
Heroine: Julia Mitchell
Favorite Things: Cooking, making garnishes
Weakness: Women in heels, Italy, Laiphrog Scotch

Now a gander at Christian Grey:
Profession: Billionaire shipping magnet
Physical Description: Copper hair, blue eyes, exudes animal magnitism
Enemies: Himself, Elena Lincoln
“Laters, baby”
“You’re the only person I’d fly three thousand miles to see.”
“This is me, Ana. All of me…and I’m all yours. What do I have to do to make you realize that? To make you see that I want you any way I can get you. That I love you.”
Heroine: Anastasia Steele
Favorite Things: Control, Rope, Red Room of Pain
Weakness: Emotional commitment

It’s time to place your votes!  Make sure you vote  and check back to see who wins!

Have ideas on other characters who need to go toe to toe? Submit your fight cards below!

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27 responses to “VERSUS: Which Character is Tops?

  1. mlpeterson

    My first love has always been Christian Grey, hands down.
    I think I am the only reader in the world that did not care for the Professor & his unkind nature at the begining of the book. I for some reason can’t get past his behavior. I enjoyed the books & look forward to the new one….but…. it will always be Christian !

  2. Rosanna

    Gabriel is such a wonderful person, hes so loving and brilliant. I was 100% christian until i read gabriels inferno

  3. Terry

    Both are sexy book boyfriends, but there is a reality to Gabriel’s evolution and self-discovery that touches me in a special and deeper way. It’s still always about love, redemption, and forgiveness — for himself, and others in his life. It closer reflects my own experiences.

  4. Petitefurie

    A hundred times Gabriel Emerson, don’t care for the whole 50 shade fad (I read the books). Professor Emerson is my type of guy who isn’t controlling and more importantly Julia’s character is what gives life to Gabriel.

  5. I read FSOG first and loved Christian. But, then came SR’s Gabriel’s Inferno and Rapture, and the Professor stole my heart forever. He’s kind, gentle and would never hurt a woman he loves or any other for that matter. He is masterful in the art of making love. I can’t wait for Gabriel’s Redemption to be published.

  6. Traci Hyland

    I love them both but what decided it for me is actually the heroin of the series …Julia is just way to innocent for it to be real …10 year olds are that innoocent, not 24 year old women … Anna’s is innocent but she grows with Christian more … I almost feel that Julia uses the innocences as a crutch

  7. Robin

    I read FSOG a while back, and read GI immediately after. Didn’t like it. Tried GI a week or so ago and still couldn’t fall in love with The Professor. It’s Mr. Gray for me.

  8. carmen

    Por su evolución en estos dos libros me quedo con Gabriel. Todos los protagonistas de estos libros están cortados por el mismo patrón, todos son ricos riquísimos, aunque casi todos proceden de familias desectrusturadas con traumas infantiles incluidos y todos han sido adoptados, son acaparadores, dominantes y posesivos con sus parejas. Gabriel me parece el mas tierno de todos, además su profesión y su especialidad en Dante, me encantan, pone un toque distinto a los otros, incluso me gusta cuando hacia el final del Extasis de Gabriel, se convierte en Edward Cullen, en su empecinamiento de no acostarse con Julianne hasta no casarse con ella…

  9. Bethany Mac

    I will take the Professor. Bow ties and all. Love him!!
    I agree with some of the other ladies… Gideon .vs. Gabriel would be a harder decision for me.

  10. Lina Cellucci

    This is surprising. Although I like the Professor, by no means is he like Christian Grey. Gabriel is a snob at first with a rich boy attitude. We all know what CG is all about. I think using the face of David Gandy as the Professor has helped emensly. Who would kick him out of bed for eating crackers?

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