True Love Story: Dang Girl Competition and Giveaway

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True Love Story Cover

[…] He pulls of his t-shirt and starts singing in a high falsetto voice, “Dang girl, dang girl, dang girl, dang girl, dang girl, dang.”  He turns around and starts slowly pulling off his pajama bottoms, throwing in a pelvic thrust.  “Dang girl, dang girl, dang girl, dang girl, dang girl, dang.”

At first I’m staring wide-eyed at him and then I lose it.  He runs his hands through his hair and then goes for his underwear, ripping them off and my mouth drops before I die.

“You’ve got me saying, ‘Dang girl, you’re so fine.  The way you let me put it down, girl, just blows my mind.  I guess I gotta put it down to-day.  I gotta put it down…” he sings.

He’s picked me up and is ‘putting me down’ on the bed.  I’m wiping my eyes and trying to catch my breath.  Finally he stops and looks at me, grinning.  “Dang girl, dang girl, dang…” he whispers as he kisses down my chest.

One of my favorite scenes from True Love Story involved Ian signing his sexy, sweet rendition of “Dang Girl” to Sparrow.   It’s one of the things that made this book so memorable to me.  We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate that moment than to see your version of “Dang Girl”!  Do you Dang Girl while cooking?  Do you Dang Girl while skating? Do you Dang Girl in a jazzy fashion?  We wanna see it!

Make a short video (30 seconds or less) of  your best Dang Girl rendition and submit it to by Friday, April 5th.  We’ll put all the entries up and have the public vote on their favorites between Monday, April 8th and Friday April 12th.  The final results will be announced on Monday, April 15th.

You didn’t think we’d make do this for nothing, did you? Nope.  The top three favorites will each receive a SIGNED paperback copy of True Love Story by Willow Aster!!!  That’s right, S-I-G-N-E-D!

One last thing…

PLEASE KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON!  If you do submit a video of yourself lacking clothing, it won’t be posted (but I may or may not keep it for my *cough* personal stash. *shifty eyes*)  Let’s keep it classy, folks! 😉

Good luck!

8 responses to “True Love Story: Dang Girl Competition and Giveaway

  1. mmalavec

    I have really been dying to read this. I have heard wonderful things about it. But, truthfully I don’t know the Dang Girl song. Can you help a girl out? I am willing to give it a shot! LOL

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