Recipe: Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren Inspired Cocktail Tutorial

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Scotch is Max Stella’s drink of choice. When looking for a drink recipe that included a bit and a bit of Sara, who mellows out his playboy status, I came across the Whisper. As a non Scotch drinker (I’ve tried Laphroiag :/ ), this recipe is tasty! It’s one that deserves to be sipped and enjoyed.

Whisper Cocktail Recipe

2 oz Scotch (I chose MaCallan, of course)
2 oz French Vermouth
2 oz Italian Vermouth
Crushed Ice

Pour Scotch and both vermouths into a cocktail shaker over crushed ice. Shake for 10-20 seconds until blended. Strain cocktail land pour into highball glass. Serve immediately and take a photo of yourself drinking it.

Variation: For a sweeter cocktail (aka a bit more of Sara), add 1 tsp of simple syrup to the cocktail shaker along with the liquors before shaking.

Check out the instructional video below made using Google Glass! LLL is so innovative!

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