Book Review Vignettes of a Master by Jason Luke

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Book Review Vignettes of a Master by Jason LukeVignettes of a Master by Jason Luke
Also by this author: Interview with a Master, In Love with a Master, The Light House, Man and Master
Published by Independently Published on May 7, 2014
Format: eARC

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For several weeks, Jason Luke appeared on Facebook pages from around the globe and wrote live scenes based on the suggestions of readers.

It was a fun, and grueling challenge. Hundreds and hundreds of readers posted brilliant suggestions, asking him to write scenes that used characters from his book, ‘Interview with a Master’. Most of the scenes involve the main characters, Jonah and Leticia, but the other characters in the book also make an appearance… and in several of the scenes, Jason actually appears- interacting with the fictional characters he created! At the end of the book are 30 brand new scenes that he wrote after the Tour with suggestions from his readers on his Facebook page. These are scenes that no one has read before now. These paragraphs were not written as excerpts from the upcoming sequel. They are stand-alone scenes that have a life of their own, and are not part of any future book. Enjoy! SPOILER WARNING: There are many spoilers in this book as it was intended to be read after reading Interview with a Master.

(BDSM erotica from a man's POV, written by a man. Contains some explicit language.)

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Following the huge success of his debut novel, Interview with a Master, Jason Luke embarked on his World Wide Tour of Facebook. Delighting fans from around the world Jason wrote live in real-time paragraphs from fan suggestion.

Here is how it worked … Fans suggested 2 characters from Interview with a Master and 1 location. Jason selected one of the suggestions and wrote a paragraph as his fans chatted away. The result was fabulous!

vignettes teaser one

We were blown away at what we saw as Jason would post the paragraphs he had written. It appears that writing under the pressure of knowing hundreds are waiting to read your words let alone the time constraints had zero effect on Jason. His paragraphs were written with grace, ease and eloquence. He added a bit of humor, a touch of sass, a bit of dominance and well a surprise or two along the way. Each and every paragraph he shared was fantastic.

Every paragraph read like a story and Jason had us laughing, sighing, melting, yearning, gasping and begging for more.

The wonderful thing about Jason’s live tour was that each stop presented us with fresh new material. We never knew what to expect but we knew that whatever Jason wrote we would love.

vignettes teaser two

Deciding to incorporate all of these wonderful paragraphs into a book was sheer brilliance on Jason’s part. Having the chance to relive the magic of the tour was fantastic. Another stroke of genius was asking fans to post additional suggestions on his Facebook page. He asked and the fans commented like crazy. Much to everyone’s surprise Jason added 30 never before seen paragraphs based off of the comments by his fans.

vignettes fall in love one word at a time

This is a fantastic, fun read and I highly recommend it to all who have read Interview with a Master.




About Jason Luke

Jason Luke enjoyed several years involved in the BDSM lifestyle – but he is quick to point out that his experiences don’t qualify him as an expert, any more than knowing how to drive a car makes him a qualified mechanic. ‘Interview with a Master’ is a novel about how one man became a Master. The book is a work of fiction, but Jason has drawn heavily on encounters from his own real life. He won’t say which parts of the book are fictionalised, and which parts are auto-biographical.

Erotic BDSM fiction written by a man from a man’s point of view.

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