Heart of Atlantis by Deidre Meyrick

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Heart of Atlantis by Deidre MeyrickHeart of Atlantis Series: Purgatory,
Published by Evernight Publishing on January 29, 2015
Genres: Erotic Romance, Fantasy, M/M
ISBN: 9781772332278

Marin is a cursed merman. He once walked the streets of Atlantis where he found his true love, he now swims—alone. He is offered a way out of his curse and into the heart of another. But will he be able to love another as he did his true love? 

Marley's a loner.  He's a treasure hunter who fantasized about mermen. He'd always felt a little out of place, always searching for something, and wanting nothing more than to belong to someone completely. 

Between them are several lifetimes and a wicked sorceress bent on possession. Is a soul deep connection enough to bring them together to break a curse that was never meant to be broken?

Be Warned: m/m sex

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two Cents

Looking for a fun and sexy fantasy read?  Then pick up Heart of Atlantis, where true love spans lifetimes and cursed lovers try to find each other.  Meyrick’s first book is a m/m love story between two beings, Marin and Marley.  Marin is immortal and a merman; he didn’t start out that way, but he was cursed. Marley is a nautical antiquities collector, and hunts them up around the world.  I picture Indiana Jones with a snorkel.  I don’t want to give anything away. . .but let’s just say, don’t spurn a witch’s affection. . .a tail may result.   This is a love story between men, so if this isn’t your cup of joe, then don’t pick up the book.  The sexual content is sensual more than graphic and you feel the connection between the two main characters.  I am of the world where love is love regardless of your gender, so I enjoyed this book.  The characters’ love and devotion span years; what more could you ask for in a love story?

I would have liked the book to be longer, but that is my problem not the author’s. 🙂


Full disclosure, the author is also a blogger here, she doesn’t know that I bought the book or am recommending it.  Surprise!  It’s a good quick read.





“Marin? Do you believe in fate? In reincarnation?”


“Past lives. The soul living beyond the death of one body into another.”

“Ah, yes. Transmigration. As it so happens, I do. Why do you ask?”

Marley sighed, flexing his fingers ever so slightly. Just enough to barely touch Marin’s. “I think I may have known you then. From before.”

“I think so too, Marley.” Marin held his breath momentarily before he continued. This was the time. This was it. “Aeëtes, his eyes—although everyone in his family had eyes as dark as the night sky, my Aeëtes’ eyes were a striking blue. As blue as the Aegean Sea or a sky on a clear winter’s day. With one exception. His right eye was two colors. Partly the beautiful blue, but like a wave lapping the shore, the blue met with a golden brown.”

Marley’s breath caught as Marin described eyes that were identical to his own. Even down to how his parents’ eyes were of a drastically different color. No one could ever explain why there was such a difference; they just accepted it as part of who Marley was. “Like mine.” It was barely a whisper, but enough for Marin to hear.

“Yes, just like yours.”

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