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Bucket List Tour * All Played Out by Cora Carmack * 5 Star Review * GiveawayAll Played Out by Cora Carmack
Series: Rusk University #3
Published by William Morrow & Company on May 12, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Format: ARC

ALL PLAYED OUT is a New Adult Contemporary Romance and is the 3rd book in the Rusk University Series, published by William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins.

First person in her family to go to college? CHECK.
Straight A’s? CHECK.
On track to graduate early? CHECK.
Social life? …..yeah, about that….

With just a few weeks until she graduates, Antonella DeLuca’s beginning to worry that maybe she hasn’t had the full college experience. (Okay... Scratch that. She knows she hasn't had the full college experience).

So Nell does what a smart, dedicated girl like herself does best. She makes a "to do" list of normal college activities.

Item #1? Hook up with a jock.

Rusk University wide receiver Mateo Torres practically wrote the playbook for normal college living. When he’s not on the field, he excels at partying, girls, and more partying. As long as he keeps things light and easy, it's impossible to get hurt... again. But something about the quiet, shy, sexy-as-hell Nell gets under his skin, and when he learns about her list, he makes it his mission to help her complete it.

Torres is the definition of confident (And sexy. And wild), and he opens up a side of Nell that she's never known. But as they begin to check off each crazy, exciting, normal item, Nell finds that her frivolous list leads to something more serious than she bargained for. And while Torres is used to taking risks on the field, he has to decide if he's willing to take the chance when it's more than just a game.

Together they will have to decide if what they have is just part of the experiment or a chance at something real.

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APO may 24

Okay so seeing as I turned 30 a couple of years ago, okay 8 years ago 😉 I had to do some research… LOL! As a rather reserved person and a self-proclaimed book nerd I didn’t exactly do crazy things so this topic got me thinking.  There are millions of lists out there and as I read through a few of them it made me wonder…did I some of these before I turned 30? Were they all crazy? No, but they certainly felt like I accomplished something. I am not a list maker in general so seeing these lists made me smile and reminisce on things that I did accomplish. By the time I was 30 I had been married to my college sweetheart for 7 years so many of these on my list were accomplished with him by my side but I think that is totally okay, it made it more fun! Read on…

1. Travel to Europe and Explore… Leave the map and itinerary for a day or two and just explore. DONE!

2. Learn how to mix a Fabulous Cocktail… And have a party to show off your newly found bartending skills. DONE!

3. Embrace who YOU are and LOVE yourself… A woman will probably never be 100% happy with herself but a happy median. DONE!

4. Do something that gives you a RUSH… Scuba dive, mountain climb, ski, bungee jump etc… even if you are deathly afraid of heights. DONE!

5. FALL IN LOVE… with a MAN not a boy. Get swept off of your feet. DONE!

So while this list is certainly NOT crazy it will hopefully get you thinking about things that you may want to accomplish before you turn 21, 25, 30, 40, etc…no matter the age, ENJOY LIFE! ~ Yesi

APO teaser 2

All Played Out by Cora Carmack reminded me again of why I fell in love with this series. The Rusk University crew hold a special place in my heart. Cora is seriously the queen of new adult romance and this latest book proves that her talent knows no bound. What a fantastic group of characters and what great concept for a story. Nell’s Bucket List with Mateo Torres at her side had me hooked from the very beginning. We fell in love with Torres in both All Lined Up and All Broke Down. Needless to say I was thrilled that he was getting a book. I never in a million years thought that he would be paired with a “nerd” but boy was a I glad he was. Nell is all work no play and Mateo is all play very little work, except on the football field of course. So when they meet and he finds out about this “bucket list” of things Nell wants to accomplish before graduation he makes it his mission to help her get through the list.

“I used to think about the future in terms of goals and achievements, and now all I can think of is all the things I might end up regretting. And it’s all this stupid list’s fault. And Dylan’s. And Mateo’s.” Antonella DeLuca aka Nell

I loved the gradual build up of their relationship. They became friends with an undeniable attraction between them. They experienced things together that made life fun for both of them. They learn so much about each other in a short period of time and eventually realize that they are meant to be. I truly loved Nell and Mateo’s story. From the moment I saw this cover I knew that this book was going to be special. All Played Out can be read as a standalone but I cannot recommend this this series enough. As a Texas girl, as a true football fan, and as a reader of all things new adult, I have to say this is a MUST read!

5 STARS for All Played Out!!!


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About Cora Carmack

Cora Carmack is a twenty-something New York Times bestselling author who likes to write about twenty-something characters. She’s done a multitude of things in her life– boring jobs (like working retail), Fun jobs (like working in a theatre), stressful jobs (like teaching), and dream jobs (like writing). She now splits her time between Austin, TX and New York City and spends her days writing, traveling, and spending way too much time on the internet. In her books, you can expect to find humor, heart, and a whole lot of awkward. Because let’s face it . . . awkward people need love, too.

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