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Genres: BDSM, Romance
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I am a huge fan of the Fifty Shades of Grey series by EL James.  In fact, it was a shared love of the Fifty series that led me to meet and become friends with one of the co-owners of this blog.  Which in turn is how I found myself reviewing books and having the opportunity to meet so many book-loving friends.  So to say when I heard the news that the book I wanted with such fierce intensity was being release made me happy … well I think that would be a mild statement.   I was walking on clouds, sharing the news with as many people as I could while I waited with breathless anticipation to open the pages and see just what it is that makes this character tick.

Image: EL James via Facebook

You see it all started when I ended the series and turned the page and found a delightful surprise waiting for me.  A brief but intense look into Christian Grey’s mind.  I read it quickly … gasping in surprise and then read it again slowly … savoring the words and honestly I was dying for more.  Those few pages that teased and tempted never left me.  They haunted me, making me want to know every damn thing about this fucked up character.  I had convinced myself that EL James had already written Christian’s point of view and she was just waiting until the time was right to share it with her fans.  Now that I have a copy of the Grey on my Kindle, Nook and a paperback it seems less important to me as to when she wrote it.  


Image: EL James via Facebook

Though I review books it is rare I will ever read a review of a book I am interested in.  I have my own ways of determining if I purchase a book and I like to hold steadfast on that.  When Grey released social media was buzzing, reviews flying in, comments being posted and though I told myself I would avoid any and all spoilers I could not help but read a few things about this book.  Nothing I read surprised me but some comments made me stop an wonder. 

Grey is the book I wanted.  

I wanted to know how his mind worked.  I wanted to know more of his backstory.  I wanted to know what he was thinking verses what Ana was thinking during critical points of the Fifty series.  I wanted to know what makes this arrogant, sexy, passionate, dominate, intriguing, confusing, man tick.  I wanted to meet his sadistic side.  I wanted to see and understand his internal struggle and how he deals with emotions, something that would seem so foreign to this man.  I wanted to know what he was thinking when he came back to Ana after the “It was nice knowing me” scene in the book.  I wanted to know everything damn thing about this character.   I was not expecting a new story or having the original story embellished.  All I was looking for was a better understanding of one of the most complex, compelling characters I have ever read.  Though I am not finished with the book I have to say thank you to EL James because Grey is everything and more I could of hoped for. 

Image: EL James via Facebook

Though I have not yet finished reading Grey I can say that this book has enhanced my overall feelings and view on the Fifty series.  A look into the mind of such a complex character has only intensified my feelings about this series and the characters that play upon the pages. 

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