?Have You Heard??Audiobooks For Your Listening Pleasure?The Inside Dark by James Hankins?Narrated by Bon Shaw?

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?Have You Heard??Audiobooks For Your Listening Pleasure?The Inside Dark by James Hankins?Narrated by Bon Shaw?The Inside Dark by James Hankins
Also by this author: A Blood Thing
Published by Brilliance Audio, Thomas & Mercer on July 11th 2017
Genres: Crime, Suspense, Psychological Thriller
Pages: 336
Format: Audiobook
ISBN: 1477819908

Five days ago, aspiring crime novelist Jason Swike awoke chained to the wall of a run-down horse stable, convinced he would soon die at the hands of Crackerjack, the infamous serial killer who had terrorized the residents of Massachusetts for the past year—capturing and tormenting men, painting whimsical designs on their faces before shattering their bones and ending their lives. Just when death seems inevitable, Jason, with the help of another captive, manages to kill the madman and escape.

Hailed as a hero, Jason reaps the benefits of his newfound fame: a book deal, a possible reconciliation with his estranged wife, and reward money he can use to pay for his son’s costly medical treatments. But he soon realizes the nightmare that began in the deserted stable is far from over, as he is drawn into a twisted game where the darkest terror may not be the psychopath manipulating his every move, but what Jason may have to do to survive…

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Is there darkness inside you? Is there darkness inside everyone? This is the question that threads its way through James Hankins’ psychological thriller The Inside Dark. What an amazing introduction to this author and his work! I am partial to fictional psychopaths and the author certainly made me ask as I listened to Bon Shaw’s performance, “Will the real psychopath please stand up?” Because I’m also partial to psychological thrillers, I read and listen to quite a few and this is the best I’ve listened to in quite some time. It will grab your full attention within the first few minutes and won’t let go until the conclusion. I must say I came up with every possible outcome for The Inside Dark with the exception of the one the author wrote! Score Mr. Hankins! Jason Swike is a down-on-his-luck author who could really use a break. Can the fact that he stopped a serial killer be enough to propel him and his story into the limelight and salvage his family? Ian Cobb is a plumber who lives a solitary life caring for a father who is in a vegetative state. Will the fact that he helped take down a serial killer add excitement to what seems to be a forlorn existence or will it be the beginning of the end of the double life he is leading?

Anytime I encounter a new narrator,  it’s always fun to do a bit of research since most of them have interesting stories. R. C. Bray aka Bon Shaw does an excellent job of performing this fast-paced novel and if you’ll click on the link connected with his name and his pseudonym, you’ll find an amusing story about the origin of the name Bon Shaw.

I will offer one caveat . . . if you are a person who truly has to have at least one warm fuzzy character in a book, don’t bother with The Inside Dark. The only likable character I found was Jason Swike’s son, a special needs child perfectly performed by Bon Shaw. Actually, I rather like that the author makes the characters so unsympathetic. With no real emotional investment in them, I was prepared for any outcome and James Hankins obligingly delivers. Fellow psycho lovers, you need this one!


About James Hankins

Bestselling author James Hankins has written stories almost his entire life, even during various career detours. His newest novel of suspense, THE INSIDE DARK, was published on July 11, 2017. Each of his previous books (THE PRETTIEST ONE, SHADY CROSS, BROTHERS AND BONES, JACK OF SPADES, and DRAWN) spent time in the Kindle Top 100 and became Amazon #1 bestsellers, with THE PRETTIEST ONE reaching the #1 spot across all categories in the Kindle Store. In addition, SHADY CROSS received a coveted starred review from Publishers Weekly, while BROTHERS AND BONES earned one from Kirkus Reviews and was named to its list of Best Books of 2013.

James lives with his wife and twin sons just north of Boston.

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