* New Release * Booted (Trails of Sin book 3) by Pam Godwin * Blog Tour * Book Review *

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* New Release * Booted (Trails of Sin book 3) by Pam Godwin * Blog Tour * Book Review *

* New Release * Booted (Trails of Sin book 3) by Pam Godwin * Blog Tour * Book Review *Booted (Trails of Sin Book 3) by Pam Godwin
Also by this author: Hills of Shivers and Shadows (Frozen Fate Book 1)
on September 18, 2018
Genres: Contemporary Adult Romance 18+, Dark Romance
Format: eARC

Blurb coming soon.

TRAILS OF SIN series (HEAs with no cliffhangers - must be read in order): Knotted #1 - Jake and Conor Buckled #2 - Jarret and Maybe Booted #3 - Lorne and Raina

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~ Maria’s Review ~

Booted by Pam Godwin is raw, gritty, dark with some twists and turns that kept me turning pages at a rapid rate. This is my favorite of the trilogy. I knew I loved Lorne and he was going to be my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jake and Jarret, too. But there was something about Lorne. I couldn’t wait for his book and author Pam Godwin did not disappoint.

I love that all the characters are in this book because they are such an integral part of each other’s lives.

Lorne’s character went through so much from the beginning of the trilogy to the end. He is gorgeous, dangerous, protective, and dealing with demons. It’s a lot to handle, what he went through. My heart hurt for him. Raina is beautiful, fierce, damaged and vengeful. I can’t blame her. I really wanted them to heal each other. I loathed John and the vile things he did. Author Pam Godwin had me holding my breath, on the edge of my seat, during a few twists.

The story is told in alternating POV which is fantastic when done well because I get to learn so much about the characters. And author Pam Godwin is a master at it.

I love that, though the past changes and haunts them, they don’t let it defeat them. Their relationship like oil and water. They have an intense push/pull. The attraction is palpable. They don’t really like or trust each other at first. Their banter is snarky, sarcastic, funny and, at times, tender.

I love the emotion and, how, slowly, they learn to trust and heal together. They are the balm to their wounded souls. I like that author Pam Godwin doesn’t go for insta-love because it would be so far fetched for these two. I love how she developed the relationship and wrapped up the trilogy. Fantastic ending.


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TRAILS OF SIN Series by Pam Godwin

Genre → Contemporary Romance
Theme → Dark, brooding, kinky, lawless cowboys
Series → Each book is an HEA with no cliffhanger. Must be read in order.

Goodreads → https://www.goodreads.com/series/224949-trails-of-sin
Release Dates →
Knotted #1: Available Now
Buckled #2: Available Now
Booted #3: Sep 18, 2018

Buy links
Knotted #1: FREE on all retailers
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079W7WQHQ
Other retailers: https://books2read.com/knotted
Buckled #2:
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CHYHK77
Other retailers: https://books2read.com/buckled
Booted #3:
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F1V61YL
Other retailers: https://books2read.com/booted

I try to forget her.
It’s impossible

First love, first kiss, first…
Not all our firsts.

We were sixteen the night she was violently assaulted while I helplessly watched.
I’ll never forget the sounds of her suffering.
Or my inconsolable agony when she left Oklahoma.

Years later, she returns to honor our teenage pact.
Except the boy she loved is gone, replaced by a ruthless cattle rancher knotted with secrets.
She doesn’t know my dark cravings or the trails of sin that lead to her.

I don’t deserve her, but one truth remains.
She’s mine.

I protect what’s mine.
The ranch, my family, our buried secrets.

Nothing will stop me from reassembling the life that went terribly wrong.
Not the law.
Not our enemies.
Not even Maybe Quinn.

The gorgeous, quarrelsome journalist shouldn’t have meddled.
I shouldn’t have let her stay.
But she’s hiding something in those deceptive blue eyes.
Something deeper than her thirst for a news story.

I make a deal with her to buy time.
To unravel her lies. To play with her. To satisfy my darker appetites.
When she buckles beneath my belt, I’ll send her away.
Unless I buckle first.

The night I’m released from prison, she’s in my bed.
It’s been eight years since I touched a woman, and the Native American beauty is half-dressed, beaten, bruised, and devastatingly exquisite.

We’re toxic together, but we want the same things. Blood. Vengeance.
Violent relief in a warm body.

Beneath her touch, I’m alive.
Against her skin, I’m redeemed.
Buried inside her, I forget the past.
Until the past takes her from me.

Prison made me cold, but losing Raina makes me cruel. Ruthless. Unforgiving.
I killed before. For her, I’ll kill again.
I’ll end this once and for all or die in my boots.

Author Bio

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Pam Godwin, lives in the Midwest with her husband, their two children, and a foul mouthed parrot. When she ran away, she traveled fourteen countries across five continents, attended three universities, and married the vocalist of her favorite rock band.

Java, tobacco, and dark romance novels are her favorite indulgences, and might be considered more unhealthy than her aversion to sleeping, eating meat, and dolls with blinking eyes.

Author links
Email → pamgodwinauthor@gmail.com
Website → www.pamgodwin.com
Amazon → http://amzn.to/2hvqSpj
Goodreads → http://bit.ly/ZKdcgo
Instagram → http://bit.ly/2FUDceR
Bookbub → http://bit.ly/2G5VKvY
Facebook → http://bit.ly/2DGabSc
Reader Group → http://bit.ly/2wLB2Jr
Twitter → https://bit.ly/2vljB6T
Pinterest → https://bit.ly/2qDyuLW
Books2Read → http://bit.ly/2u2Aket

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