Pricked by Winter Renshaw

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Winter Renshaw

4 Stars


What I got was a broody, enigmatic demigod with an electrifying touch and a mysterious past.

We were night and day in every way possible, not an ounce of anything in common, and yet, I wanted him in the worst way.

It didn’t matter that he was emotionally unavailable or that he was exactly the kind of man who would give my father a coronary should I dare to bring him home. It didn’t matter that his heart was wrapped in barbed wire or that he made me promise never to fall for him.

None of it mattered because he was the most perfectly imperfect, beautifully tortured soul I’d ever known, and I was besotted, addicted to all the thrilling and wondrous ways he made me feel when we were together.

They say a single moment can change the entire trajectory of your life. But looking back, I never could have imagined all the ways my world would change the moment it collided with his.

I learned too late that he kept his past a secret for a reason.


~ My Thoughts ~


Maybe it’s that he was so aloof ~ Maybe it was he was seductive and enticing ~ Maybe it was the secrets he kept ~ Or maybe it’s a combination of all of these things that made Madden such an enticing and enduring character. He is after all the thread that holds this story together. The thread that weaves each subplot together perfectly … the thread that dangles and leaves you breathless for more.

Brighton ~ a somewhat complex and distraught character. You champion for her. You want her to gain everything that has been taken away without choice from her. You can’t help but love her when her determination shines through, even if she is the only one who gains satisfaction from it.

This is a great book. Written at a perfect pace, the author provides just enough information to always keep you wondering what happens next. Just as the author lures you into the story, has you so completely wrapped up in the evolution of events, the brilliance of the unexpected, shocking turn of events reignites the fire within and you literally lose a breath or two.

Perfectly scripted characters, sexy, funny and heartfelt Pricked will leave you feeling …. everything.

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