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The Rebel by Kelsey Clayton is LIVE and FREE with Kindle Unlimited! A hot student-teacher romance with all the feels… Get ready to meet Tessa Callahan!


I don’t play by the rules.

Never have, never will.

The second our eyes met from across the club,

I could feel a shift in the air—an overwhelming pull drawing me in.

One mind-blowing night is all it was, or so I thought.

Repeating my senior year may not have been the plan,

But finding out my one-night stand is my new teacher—

That’s something I never saw coming.

His gaze bores into me with the same intensity.

That body, those hands, I remember every touch.

I should stay away, but I don’t want to.

This time, all bets are off.

I’ll let him think he’s in control,

Until I bring him to his knees.

Passion and fire,

Forbidden and wrong.

Like I said, I don’t play by the rules.


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Yesi’s Thoughts

Let’s just start with the cover… yeah, I know, don’t judge book by their covers but HOLY HELL… so freakin’ HOT!

THE REBEL is my first book by this author and the first I’ve read in this series, so when I say that the intro was confusing to me and that I had to go back and read the blurb to make sure I was reading the right book, I’m pretty sure it’s due to that.

As for Asher and Tessa, I did love them together and their first encounter was awesome, so I’m thinking… hell yeah! However, everything that followed was was a one-way street to crazy town! LOL! There were so many different ways that this book could have gone, and I swear just about every single one was included. That could be a great thing for some readers, but not necessarily for this reader.

I really did love Asher, I mean he’s hot AF and has a heart of gold. I liked Tessa too, she was sassy and pretty bad-ass. And together, their chemistry was insane! What didn’t do it for me was the actual story… while it kept my interest, it was just too much and over the top on both the drama and they way things would play out… which in turn made the story pretty unbelievable. Just too many different things piled all into one book. I was expecting a forbidden, taboo, teacher/student romance and what I got was partly that, but it was sooooo not the main storyline. With that said though, I couldn’t stop reading and definitely enjoyed the ride on said crazy train!

All in all, a pretty good read, but I couldn’t help feeling slightly mislead when it was all said and done. Of course, it could have been just me and missing the previous stories.

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Kelsey Clayton is a 29-year-old mother of two from a small town in lower Delaware. Born and raised in New Jersey, she discovered her love for writing when she used it as a coping mechanism to get through hard times. Since then, she has been passionately writing novels that make people fall in love with the characters and the storylines. She writes from a mix of personal experiences and imagination. As an avid beach lover, her dream is to write an entire book with her feet in the sand.

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