Without Her Consent by McGarvey Black

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Format: eBook

Without Her Consent


McGarvey Black

4 Stars

A young woman in a coma gives birth to a baby boy. The child’s arrival triggers an investigation into serious sexual assault and the international media descends upon the small beach town of Oceanside, Florida.

Detectives McQuillan and Blalock are handed the case, while the internal hospital team collects data to help with the investigation.

When Dr. Angela Crawford, who delivered the baby, learns the child will be put in foster care, she and her husband agree to take the little boy in.

Meanwhile, a young nurse, Jenny O’Hearn, helps compile data on the hospital rapist and discovers several strange things. When Jenny is attacked, it forces the detectives to look at the case from a different perspective.

Could a staff doctor, male nurse or the chaplain be the rapist?

Sometimes the truth isn’t always obvious.


~ My Thoughts ~

This story is based upon a true story. While the author took liberties as far as the investigation and the outcome, the author stayed true to the horrific events that took place. While the story is fiction it is still as shocking as when I first heard about this on my local news.

Written at an extremely fast pace Without Her Consent is a very easy, consistent, intriguing and thought provoking story.

The characters are all well rounded and realistic. Every character plays a significant part in the story. While that may not seem apparent at the time they appear within the storyline, each plays a role in bringing the gripping and compelling story full circle.

I truly enjoyed how the author gently guided my thoughts to each suspect. It was written in such a way, it wasn’t until I finished the story did I realize the power the author’s words.

Each new clue added intrigue and mystery. Each dead end had my mind working overtime. The twists and turns that led me to the culprit were shocking and had me reeling.

When I began the book I felt the answers were obvious and I was a little disappointed this being the first book I have read by this author. Nothing, absolutely nothing could have prepared me for the truth. A brilliant twist on the author’s part.

I’m curious to see what else this author has published or plans to publish. My curiosity has been ignited.

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