Ecstasy by KV Rose

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by KV Rose
Genres: Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense
Format: eBook



KV Rose

4 Stars


Dark romance, suitable for 18+



Three students at Caven U who are all really, really f*cking tired of life.

Zara has a substance problem. Eli is a star athlete with a secret. And Alex? He’s just a f*cking a**hole.

Their paths collide one night at a party that quickly spirals out of control. A series of volatile moments follow, enveloping the three of them in a whirlwind of drama, drugs, and destruction.

Zara feels like she’s slipping under, losing her grip on reality. And if she isn’t careful, one of the boys just might pull her all the way down.

But the thing about almost dying at the hands of someone you hate?

In the moment before you take your last breath, the fear can feel a lot like…ecstasy.

And that’s a high you only get once in a lifetime.


~ My Thoughts ~


The author has a short and to the point warning about the storyline of this book. While I appreciate that, I don’t believe that it covers everything involved.

While in other reviews, I may say to read the author’s warning and then proceed if that’s what you decide to do. With this book though I believe that it would be unfair if I didn’t share my own warning about this book.

Don’t mistake my warning as a signal to not read this book. That’s not what I am saying at all. This story contains many triggers which I think readers should know about before proceeding. Honestly if you can withstand the triggers, this book is worth the read.

The topics this book covers are excessive drug and alcohol use, the slow dismantling of a person, in every sense of the word. Deception, deceit, graphic and forceful sexual situations and death.

Having said all of this, I in turn have to say that the author provides a flawless story. A story of three main characters. Their flaws, their strengths, their weaknesses, their pain, their ability to entice and shred a person to pieces with a word or two.

The characters are presented in such a way that you can easily visualize each detail the author provides. They are weak, they are strong, they are broken, they mix hauntings of the past with the present. They torture, they belittle, they ease the pain, and they try with haunting desperation to conquer and fix the broken and shattered pieces of the person they love, hate and destroy.

The story line is haunting, intriguing, mind-blowing, inconceivable, heartbreaking and soul shattering. It is filled with love, hate, deception, family, mystery, addiction and is shrouded in a haze of hope. Though I believe that I created that haze as my mind fought so fucking hard for the characters.

If mindfuckery was a class, this author would have passed it with honors. I found my mind blown so many times I couldn’t believe it. I was hopeful, shocked, devastated and dare I say addicted to the story line. I will admit there was one point in the book where I had to shut my e-reader down to take a break. Little did I know what was to come. Un-fucking-believable…..

While this is a brutal read it was also an incredible read. Heartstopping and heart pounding, I was and still am so consumed by everything this book contained.

While I may have posted a warning at the beginning of this review that doesn’t mean this book shouldn’t be read, because it should. Know your limits and proceed with caution, because nothing I say could properly prepare you for the wild ride of Ecstasy.

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