Release Day Blitz ? Sancte Diaboli (Elite Kings book 6) by Amo Jones ? Book Review ? Blog Tour ?Available in KU

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Release Day Blitz ? Sancte Diaboli (Elite Kings book 6) by Amo Jones ? Book Review ? Blog Tour ?Available in KUSancte Diaboli: Part One (The Elite Kings Club, #6) by Amo Jones
Also by this author: Wicked
on February 4, 2021
Format: eARC

The Devil comes with baggage, and not the kind you can lose. I was two years old when he saved me. I didn’t understand much at that age, but I remember the pale boy with hair as dark as ink, saving me from two evils. He said he would protect me; I just didn’t know he meant from himself. I was raised in the arms of evil, tailored for the Devil like a custom Armani suit, and every day he wore it like a weapon. Brantley thought by keeping me locked in his manor that it would protect me, and it did.Until it didn’t.
As I slowly adapt to The Elite Kings Club and the dark, sinister world that exists around the outlaws in suits, I come to learn that the monster everyone fears is the very same one I crave.
Like a prized trophy, I sit on his throne…Something quite pretty, an object he owns…
She’s a porcelain doll, so shiny, so clean…Something I want to polish, but to never be seen…
The time has come, I am in his world…Now his Dea, can be admired by all…
The thing with porcelain is it’s fragile and delicate…It would only take a second for me to eradicate it…

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~ Maria’s Review ~

Sancte Diaboli by author Amo Jones is a book I have been eagerly and anxiously awaiting since I first read book 1 in the Elite Kings Club series.

Brantley’s character intrigued me and I was praying he’d get his own story. Author Amo Jones did not disappoint! In fact, she delivered another mesmerizing, dark, twisted tale. And I’m here for it!

Brantley is dangerous, deadly, damaged and gorgeous. Saint is his to protect. And God help anyone who tries to hurt her.

Saint is beautiful, sheltered but has sass in her. She starts showing her quiet strength as the novel unfolds. She reminds of the saying “rather beg for forgiveness than ask for permission” and with Brantley, this is a recipe for payback.

Sancte Diaboli has all our favorites with more focus on Brantley and Saint. But we do get to see snippets of what is happening with Madship. Yeah, I said it. Bishop isn’t thrilled to hear her name but I love the dynamic between Saint and Bishop.

The story is told in Dual POV. There are flashes from the past. There’s also italicized parts that had me trying to figure out who the narrator is, and was not expecting what I learned.

The push / pull between Brantley and Saint is intense. Their connection is palpable. The atttaction and heat is steamy AF. Brantley is kinky AF. And Saint is not as saintly as perceived. He has met his match. I love their banter and dialogue. There were times I was left frustrated because he would shut down but that is true to his character.

Akin to the EKC books, there was some chaos and some things that were  out of nowhere, but author Amo Jones makes it work.

That ending was crazy and has me wanting part two now!! Sancte Diaboli is a crazy, gritty rollercoaster ride. So hang on and enjoy!!


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