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As we come to the last day of the month traditionally devoted to giving thanks, I find there are, indeed, many things I am thankful for: the last day of hurricane season, a year when we were able to resume most activities safely, and a family which is remarkably healthy. I have far more than I need and enough to share. I have loved ones who spend their days in service to others. Lastly, I have more books to read and listen to than I can ever finish. This month’s listens are all by authors who are familiar to me and I’m thankful that none of  them disappointed me, so take your pick and start listening!


Blind Tiger

By Sandra Brown

Narrated by Jason Culp

2021 seems to be a year for novels with settings during the Depression or Prohibition eras.  Author Sandra Brown sets her latest novel Blind Tiger in post WW1 Texas at the height of Prohibition. Laurel Plummer finds herself a widow stranded in the small town of Foley with a FIL she has never met and no income. Thatcher Hutton finds himself stranded in the same town when he is forced to make a unplanned stop on his way home from the war. Thatcher is a gifted horse trainer, but Laurel has no way to support herself except to join her FIL in his moonshine business. The sparks fly between these two, but the real conflagration is about to occur as warring factions compete for the lucrative trade in illegal alcohol. There is a lot going on in this one so enjoy the ride as Jason Culp expertly narrates an action-packed tale.

Never Go Back

By Lee Child

Narrated by Dick Hill

Our man Jack Reacher can really get himself into some messes. He doesn’t even have to try. Just the mere fact that he exists attracts people who don’t have any better sense than to try to use him for their own purposes which all of us die-hard Reacher fans know just isn’t going to happen. How could something as innocent as trying to connect with a woman whose voice Reacher likes on the phone end up with both of them being in jail? And for two unrelated offenses . . . or so it seems. How is it that the forces of evil have targeted these two and seem to know every move they make before they even make it? Never Go Back by Lee Child is vintage Reacher and Dick Hill who is the voice of Reacher for me delivers an excellent performance.

The Venice Sketchbook

By Rhys Bowen

Narrated by Barrie Kreinik

I seem to be on a roll lately of choosing books that have happy endings ~ sort of.  In case you’re not clear on the meaning of that statement, let me just say there is happiness . . . there is sadness . . . and in the end you will be satisfied with it all. I do enjoy books with historical backgrounds and I enjoy love stories that don’t necessarily end well. The Venice Sketchbook fits into both of those categories. Juliette is a woman of mystery despite a seemingly ordinary life. There is no mystery about Caroline. She is out to find all the information she can about her great-aunt who wasn’t the woman everyone thought she was.  Author Rhys Bowen follows Caroline as a box containing 3 keys left to her by Juliette will lead her on an adventure that will hold your attention until the very last words are spoken by narrator Barrie Kreinik.

Finding Ashley

By Danielle Steel

Narrated by Michael Braun

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but Danielle Steel is one of my go-to authors if I need to come down from one of my psycho-world highs . . . or is it lows. In any event, Finding Ashley is just the sort of book to remind you that people are kind, people are redeemable, and people can make their own HEAs if they try. Melissa and Hattie are sisters who are leading very different lives even though each of them has shut herself away from the real world in a different way. As it turns out, their reasons for their choices aren’t so very different. Their reconciliation, as well as their salvation, will hinge on their pursuit of a common goal. Excellent narration by Michael Braun and the author’s unique way with words will take you by the heart and lead you out of psycho-world.

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