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Listeners who are feeling just a little bit crazed by the heat and the rain and the general misery of a long hot summer will be soothed by hearing about tales of minds that go far beyond crazed. Each one of this month’s offerings is a tribute of the author’s ability to build a storyline around a psychotic character. Sandra Brown will explore the “spoiled brat” psycho who thinks he can get away with anything; Lisa Barr’s psycho will lead you on a deadly pursuit of valuable art; Lorethe Anne White’s psycho is hiding in plain view, leading a “normal” life; and Shalini Boland’s psycho is one of the leading characters in the book .. I’ll leave you to determine who it is! 😁


By Sandra Brown

Narrated by Kyf Brewer

Author Sandra Brown’s latest novel Overkill is replete with all the elements that keep her fans coming back for more. We have a championship sports hero with a hard luck story, a lady lawyer who is a champion in her own way, a world-class psycho, and an ethical dilemma that may hit close to home for some of you. Zach Bridger just wants to live a quiet life after his football career crashes and burns, but Kate Lennon can’t rest until justice is done to the psycho who is responsible for shamefully putting Zach’s ex-wife in a coma and leaving Zach in a moral quandary. Kyf Brewer narrates all the action and a steamy romance with equal expertise as the author tells this complex tale of misguided love.

Woman on Fire

By Lisa Barr

Narrated by Carlotta Brentan

Woman on Fire can lay claim to an intriguing storyline that will appeal to lovers of history, steamy romance, mystery, and the ever fascinating workings of the psychotic mind. Jules Roth is in pursuit of a hot story to launch her career as an investigative journalist. Dan Mansfield is in pursuit of an assistant to help him with a hot story that will locate a stolen painting for his dying friend Ellis Baum. Margaux St Laurent is the requisite psycho and she is also in pursuit of the stolen painting for revenge and greed and anything else her evil heart desires including Ellis Baum’s hot grandson Adam. This is a classic example of what can happen when people of integrity are pitted against those who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. If you chose to listen to Carlotta Brentan’s excellent performance of Lisa Barr‘s convoluted tale, listen carefully or you will miss the tells that give direction along the twisted route whose destination I will not spoil.

The Patient’s Secret

By Loreth Anne White

Narrated by Brittany Pressley

Wow! I can’t remember if I’ve ever started a review with that word, but since I just listened to the final words of Loreth Anne White’s engrossing novel, I can’t think of a better way to start this one. Don’t you just love it when everything thing you thought about how a book is going to end does a complete 180 in the final moments of the narrative? And don’t you also love it when a book that is filled with horror still has a satisfying ending? If you’re a psycho lover like me and if you’re also a lover of a twisted, curving path to that satisfying ending, I highly recommend this book. Do you think those who seem irredeemable can, in fact, be redeemed and do you believe those who seem ordinary can be hiding an unfathomable darkness? Is there ever a time when justice is best served if a crime goes unpunished? Lots of questions are asked and some are even answered in this book which is based on a true crime. Although narrator Brittany Pressley’s exceptional performance takes it beyond 5 stars, I would not take The Patient’s Secret to the beach!

The Family Holiday

By Shalini Boland

Narrated by Katie Villa

Have you ever thought about doing one of those house swaps for your family vacation? If so, you’ll want to make extra sure there are no psychos in the family you’re swapping with! Shalini Boland has written a chilling account of just such a vacation. The Family Holiday will keep you on edge as two families exchange homes in what should be a relaxing getaway for both. Neither family is innocent in this elaborate plot, but no spoilers because the final twist won’t be revealed until the last words are spoken by narrator Katie Villa. Is it possible for everyone to get what they deserve? Fair warning … no one is ever truly safe!

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