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I rarely set out to read books with a certain theme for my monthly blog posts so anytime I detect a connection between the books, itā€™s usually pure serendipity. Oh sure, there is my love of psychos, but since Iā€™m partial to books in the mystery and thriller genre, there are bound to be psychos. In looking at my September selections, I found three books with recurring characters, one of which is the latest in a beloved series, one of which is Book #2 of a trilogy, and the third develops a secondary character from one of the author’s previous books. I found two books set in the prohibition era which is a rich backdrop for many intriguing novels. I found all four books to be by authors who are well known to me with familiar narrators, so not necessarily a theme but maybe a gentle reminder that I need be more adventurous.

The Wicked Redhead

By Beatriz Williams

Narrated by Dara Rosenberg & Julie McKay

The Wicked Redhead is the second book in author Beatriz Willamsā€™ Wicked City novels. The storyline alternates between Gin Kelly, a fascinating inhabitant of the Jazz Age when wicked women were the norm and alcoholic beverages were illegal and Ella Dommerich, a child of the ā€˜90ā€™s whose search for the identity of a mysterious redhead whose photo she receives from an aunt with an ulterior motive connects her to Gin across the decades. The use of two narrators keeps the storyline authentic since Gin is a self-described hillbilly while Ella is one of the la-de-da Schuylers with whom readers of Ms. Williamsā€™ novels will be familiar. If you enjoy books by authors who like to connect their work by using characters from previous novels, you will find Beatriz Williams a master of this literary device.

Desperation in Death

By J. D. Robb

Narrated by Susan Ericksen

Iā€™m not ashamed to say that I anxiously await every new chapter of Ā J.D. Robb‘s Eve and Roark story. Desperation in Death is the latest and is expertly narrated by Susan Ericksen as always. Lt. Eve Dallasā€™s newest case hits so close to home that no one would blame her for passing it on to another member of the NYPSD. Young girls are being stolen and trained to be slaves to the basest desires of evil men. Some are used for sex and some are merely used for menial duties, but all are bought and sold at auction in a fashion that is immoral and illegal. And the people who are running this lucrative trade are not your ordinary criminals but wealthy business people. Darlinā€™ Eve will call in Roark and Mavis and all her trusted comrades at the NYPSD to bring these scumbags to justice in one of the best of a series I never get tired of.

Carrie Soto is Back

By Taylor Jenkins Reid

Narrated byĀ Stacy Gonzalez, Mary Carillo, Patrick McEnroe, Rob Simmelkjaer, Brendan Wayne, Max Meyers, Reynaldo Piniella, Vidish Athavale, Tom Bromhead, Heath Miller, Julia Whelan, and Sara Arrington .

Carrie Soto is Back intrigued me for several reasons. First of all, I enjoy Taylor Jenkins Reidā€™s work; secondly, I like books that feature characters from other books Iā€™ve read; a third reason was the mention of Julia Whelan in the long list of narrators. The most compelling reason was the subject. We first meetĀ Carrie Soto in her prime as a secondary character in Malibu Rising. She returns as an aging tennis player who holds that illusive title of G.O.A.T. Most titles won, most records broken, and six years after her retirement, she is about to witness that title unceremoniously taken from her by another tennis player. At age 37, can Carrie make a comeback and save her title or should she just relax and enjoy life? Once upon a time, I played a fair game of tennis. Iā€™ve always loved watching what many people consider a boring sport so the hard work and sheer determination described in the storyline drew me in immediately. Be sure to check out the links to the fascinating cast of narrators! They reflect the world of professional sports perfectly. If you ‘love’ tennis, you will ‘love’ this one ā€“ pun intentional!

The Unknown Beloved

By Amy Harmon

Narrated by Rob Shapiro

If I had merely downloaded The Unknown Beloved and read it on my Kindle, it would not have given me nearly as much pleasure as listening to narrator Rob Shapiroā€™s exceptional performance of this moving story by Amy Harmon. The author herself has a way of stealing your heart with her characters and their stories, but with this one, the narration took her gift to a new level. Dani Flanagan has a gift of her own ā€¦ she can read people by touching their clothes. Michael Malone also has a gift. As a police officer during the lawless prohibition era, his loyalty and tenacity enable him to solve crimes where others have failed. Will using Daniā€™s gift be worth risking her life as well as her love to catch a serial killer? Prepare to fall in love with Dani and with Michael as well as the narrator.

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