Heart Break Her (Enemy Muse #1) by Eva Simmons

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3.75 Stars

Heart Break Her (Enemy Muse #1)


Eva Simmons

~ Synopsis ~

I know better than to get involved with celebrities. Especially a Rock God like Sebastian Kane. A man who knows how to make the ladies scream, as evidenced by the leak of his recent sex tape.

Which leads to my problem… I’m the girl in the video with him.

Grief will make you do crazy things. After all, I’m the smart girl, the good girl, not the rebel.

But now I’m face to face with the one man I was never supposed to see again. A man with a gorgeous dark smile and even darker secrets.

They say hindsight is 20/20.
And that’s the problem with rock stars.
They make bad decisions so damn irresistible, right before they break your heart.

~ My Thoughts ~

How could I not fall for Sebastian? Broken without hope of being put back together. Self-loathing to a depth that is heartbreaking and talented beyond imagination. Sebastian is a character with so many dimensions that you are never quite sure what you are going to get.

Cassie is guarded in every aspect of her life, her thought process, her memories. With the mindset of caring for all, Cassie does not realize that while she may have put every part of her life into different compartments in her mind, the memories still haunt, hurt, and muffle her focus.

The band members, the road crew, the girls who keep things running and their point person while touring each lend something special that enhances the storyline. The  reactions to this unique cast of characters only builds into the complex storyline of fame, fortune, riding the waves of success and being sucked into the pitfalls of having it all and surrounding yourself with those who love the idea of who you are supposed to be.

This is a fast read with a story line which at times can be intense. It is seductive, destructive, confusing, and conflicting and with each page turned, you only want more.

This book was my introduction to this author, and I am glad I took a chance on her. Her writing style kept my interest. She had me loving, hating, and warming to characters throughout the book. The settings were written so well, creating a visual in my mind was effortless.

I enjoyed this story, but then again, I am a sucker for good rock star romance.

I am looking forward to continuing the series and diving into the lives of the other members of the band.

~ Eva Simmons ~

Eva Simmons writes hot, heartbreaking romance with complex heroines, and broken, dirty-talking bad boys who fall hard for them.

When Eva isn’t dreaming up new worlds or devouring every book she can get her hands on, she can be found spending time with her family, painting a fresh canvas, or playing an elf in World of Warcraft.

Eva is currently living out her own happily ever after in Nevada with her family.

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