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We can’t stop looking at these poems! *twirls in a circle* Revisit them with us!

We’ve put the top five first, along with their tallies, and the remaining four in alphabetical order.

Trust (21/25)
by D.E.Brooks (Deidre)

Let go of restraint and free your mind clear your soul and close your eyes while I take your hand.
No need for fear, my darling, I’m here, let’s go for a walk on the sand.
Rely on me to keep you safe, I’ll never lead you astray.
Feel the sand, cool underfoot; windswept, no trace of being disturbed.
Your footprints and mine are all we’ll leave behind, as we walk the shore.
Take my sweater, wrap around your arms, as the air is not yet warm.
Trust me.
You lead me to the water’s edge, cooly lapping at my toes.
The sand packed hard beneath my feet, like walking on flexible stone.
Your scent wrapped around me, while I hold your hand, you bring me back a few steps, to the softer sand.
My eyes still closed, you lower me down.
You’ve planned ahead, and placed a blanket upon which to rest our heads.
We’re leaning back against a dune, and you say to open my eyes.
I’m looking out toward the sea at a beautiful sunrise.
To trust implicitly my heart to yours I do without command.
I know no fear with you, my love, for you’ll always have my hand.

If you’d like to read more of Deidre’s poems, visit her blog: http://theredvelvetchair.wordpress.com/

A Storm Of Two Fronts (19.5/25)
by Robert Zimmermann

A storm rolls over the heads of two lovers in a field.
An electric fire turns the grasses white under the black sky.
The air coalesces grey.
The wind whips around.
Rain pelts the couple’s faces.
They lay down as their passion builds;
Temperature’s rise, a hunger grows inside.
A storm crashes on the earth.
The storms cease.
The clouds part.
The moon shines over the field.
The only remnant of the storm, the passion dripping from the lover’s faces.

Visit Robert’s blog at: http://alifeamongthepages.wordpress.com/

Looking back (19/25)
by Amber Jerome-Norrgard

Looking back
All the ways I’d say I’d need you
All the times you simply came through
Ever after always beginning the same
Looking back
All those memories of those moments
All the words we’ve left unspoken
All the times you’ve called out my name
In the end
When everything has simply ended
Cherished and unmentioned
You and I will still just be the same
How can I say
All the words that fill my mind
But yet my lips can’t
Seem to simply engage
How can’t I feel
Such complete and total devotion So many deepened emotions
That you bring out in me day to day
You are the hope
The light that keeps me dreaming
The love that keeps me leaning
Into your arms in every way

Want more Amber? Visit: http://lifeasamberknowsit.wordpress.com/

A hearts yearning (18.5/25)
by B.L. Ronan

the slow burn
the build
the explosion
the impossible breath
the smile that whispers hold on as it all begins again
a shared euphoria
a merging of hearts
souls as you look into my eyes
and see that this small death
this incomparable life
exists only for you
for this

Loving B? Take a look at http://thesacredroad.wordpress.com/

Resurrection (18.5/25)
by Sabrena

The soul that had died has resurrected itself from the ashes.
Like the mythical phoenix I am renewed.
Even though I die again and again, I will always come back.
This is me now, I am here to stay.
People have and will kill me again.
This is me,
A warrior
A demon
A lover
A woman
I dare you to try and destroy me again,
I will make sure you don’t get another chance.
I sing.
I write.
I am myself.

Armstrong Is Gone
by Akewusola

This great leg who stepped places
Not all men would treck
His vibrant head that was always
Not all sence can learn,
Armstrong, destinies wagon, the
Golden legend
Surgion of human endervoles, even
The best among animals preference,
Your giant visit to the clouds
Where the moon permanently rest.
My lips are sealed
See this almond tree thick and rich
But she thinks real deep in memory
Of her greatest fallen leaf.
Armstrong the transparent king,
How can I be your next of kin?
Your family never needs to weep,
Mankind must forever celebrate your
The gentle key who unlocked every
Troubled wind.
Armstrong will no longer talk,
His works created the word rejoice.
My loyalty is all you read
As my voice stands still,
Lower the stars let’s all sing
Like the breeze coordinate this
Flag with easy.
Time to become the man of dust
To reincarnate and meet his
Favourite Lord.
Armstrong is physically gone,
Positively sure the moon forever
Appreciates your intelligent touch,
The new baby Armstrong will
Soon be born.

The Issues
by Ceilidh Devine

From the outside, all was perfect.
The inside showed a different tale.
The issues had been building the foundations for years; they had now finished their construction.
They were ready to surface, they wanted to be known, had to air their views.
The issues had been flourishing daily; they now had all the power that was needed.
Nothing could be done, nothing could go wrong.
The major faults of the inside were now approaching the top.
Heading for the outside, there they could put on a show, there was going to be a magnificent showcase of all that had been hiding.
A platform of sheer despair, misery mixed with despondency.
All were in for a depressing treat.
One issue fell, lost the balance, the rest all screamed, they could not carry on, the grip was not as strong.
“The show must go on” called the main issue from the front.
As they crawled through, the withered blocks, these old blocks use to stand tall, once made with solid strength.
Now they were nothing but rubble, weatherworn and decayed with time. T
he issues poured through, they had the power, they were there for the fight, with swords drawn they charged on.

French Blue
by Caroline Clemens

French blue, a color so true
Full of promise and hope
Ye shall see this as I say.
Power me to be free to
Want not but love and do
You see her glory, written so true?
The accordion plays on and on Wanting love, expecting no less
For it’s beauty shines and sings.
Patient and blue longs for it’s rendezvous
Again romance found a door, smiles let go,
Sighs give relief, pardon adieu!
No sadness seen in a city of light
Many hours to make things right
Love, yes, ignites without fight.
Notes of song bring rhythm
Two by two, feelings join the rhyme
Blue, the hue, pour me a cup.
Grapes divine, sings freedoms song.

Crazy for Caroline? Check out her blog at http://gardenlilie.com/

Join the Debate
by Jamie Gavin

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