Asking For It by Lilah Pace

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Asking For It by Lilah PaceAsking for It by Lilah Pace
Also by this author: Asking for It, Begging for It, Asking for It, Asking for More (Asking for It, #2.5), His Royal Secret, His Royal Favorite
Series: Asking for It #1
Published by Penguin Group USA on June 2nd 2015
Genres: BDSM, Dark Romance
Pages: 336
Format: eBook
ISBN: 9780425279519

“This is who I am. This is what I want. Now I need a man dangerous enough to give it to me.”

Graduate student Vivienne Charles is afraid of her own desires—ashamed to admit that she fantasizes about being taken by force, by a man who will claim her completely and without mercy. When the magnetic, mysterious Jonah Marks learns her secret, he makes an offer that stuns her: they will remain near-strangers to each other, and meet in secret so that he can fulfill her fantasy.

Their arrangement is twisted. The sex is incredible. And—despite their attempts to stay apart—soon their emotions are bound together as tightly as the rope around Vivienne’s wrists. But the secrets in their pasts threaten to turn their affair even darker...

Reader Advisory: Asking for It deals explicitly with fantasies of non-consensual sex. Readers sensitive to portrayals of non-consensual sex should be advised.

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When one of the co-owners of this blog suggested I read Asking for It, she did so because she knows how much I enjoy a story that contains elements of darkness, well developed characters, a strong story line. She also knows that I enjoy books that linger in my mind long after I have finished reading them.  What I expected from this book and what I received were two totally different things.

Dealing with a subject matter as fragile as the one in this story, is one most authors steer clear of.  Taboo, perhaps, a bit of fear about the reaction of not only fans, but, the many social media outlets, probably.  It seems that this author was willing to take a risk and publish this extraordinary, compelling story.

The words contained in this novel are stunning.  With incredible execution, the author shares a story that covers so many elements.  The extreme focus into the emotional state of the characters makes it impossible not to form some sort of bond with them all.  Some evoke feelings of loss, some of fear, some astonish, some bewilder, some shatter and others shock.  Each and every feeling is earned effortlessly while being transferred from the character’s actions and emotions to the reader.

Family values, trust, faith and hope play such a huge role in this story.  The one thought that constantly ran through my head was unconditional love.  I am still in a state of bewilderment when it comes to that thought.

The internal battles fought, the self degradation, the gut wrenching attempts to resolve memories. The way we guide our thoughts and the ways we deceive ourselves.  All of these aspects showcase this author’s unbelievable ability to write a story that touches you so deeply.

Though I believe it was never the author’s intent, she makes you question your feelings as they intensified towards certain characters.  She makes you re-evaluate your thoughts on certain subjects.  She challenges you to disagree with the actions of the two main characters.  She plays upon the forbidden aspects of sexuality, desire, shame and intense confusion.  These aspects are written with such vivid clarity and realism.

I was led into the darkness and found within seconds I was a willing participant.  My heart clenched at the extreme pain the characters felt.  Desire flooded my body as I read in disbelief at how the extreme situations played out so with such magnificence, while encompassing such shock, at the same time.  I fell in love over and over again and I questioned myself as I felt it happening.  I wanted with such fierce intensity for the story to follow the path I had laid down in my mind.  I embraced the beauty, the horror, the love, the confusion, the trust, the mistrust and the hope that it became my entire being while reading this book.

I am in complete and utter awe of this author.  For her publishing a book that may seem controversial to some.  To writing about a topic and in doing so bringing to light all aspects that surround it.  To creating characters that bled onto the pages.  To encompassing emotions I never thought I would have.  To showcasing family in such a unique light and watching this family unit evolve.  To writing a story that I hope many will read and love as much as I have.

About Lilah Pace

Lilah Pace is a pseudonym for a New York Times bestselling author, so she can’t give away too much about herself here, but she has lived everywhere from Italy to the United Kingdom before putting down roots in the American South.

She’s addicted to Diet Coke, loves her dog, and daydreams about several British movie stars (though usually no more than two at a time).

And while it took her a long while to get up the courage to write books, now she hopes she’ll never stop.

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