Touch of the Demon by Diana Rowland

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Touch of the Demon by Diana RowlandTouch of the Demon by Diana Rowland
Also by this author: Fury of the Demon
Series: Kara Gillian
Published by Penguin on December 31st 2012
Genres: Fiction, Fantasy, General
Pages: 448
Format: eBook, Audiobook
ISBN: 9781101597408

Kara Gillian is in seriously deep trouble. She’s used to summoning supernatural creatures from the demon realm to our world, but now she’s the one who’s been summoned. Kara is the prisoner of the demonic lord Mzatal, but quickly discovers that she’s far more than a mere hostage. But waiting for rescue has never been her style, and Kara has no intention of being a pawn in someone else’s game.
Yet intrigue and treachery are running rampant, and Kara is hard pressed to keep her wits about her. Her abilities as a homicide detective are put to the test as she seeks the truth about FBI Agent Ryan Kristoff; Rhyzkahl, the demon lord she is sworn to; and her own history in the demon realm. She's going to need all the strength and tenacity she's developed as a cop and a summoner, or the hell she endures may well last forever.
Touch of the Demon is the exciting fifth installment of the Kara Gillian series.

Looking for a different type of urban fantasy novel the Kara Gillian series started out as a police procedural urban fantasy that left the police procedural behind and has reimagined itself.

For new readers these are not books you can read alone as they are part of a larger series. The author does give a lot of information in her book if a person does choose to read them out of order.

WTH…. Kara is kidnapped taken to the demon realm by a big baddie, torture her, doesn’t give a damn about and then kisses her. WTH Kara stop being led by your hormones. She trust too easily! Plus she forgets that she should not trust DEMONS! Any Demons. This girl just keeps making mistakes and doesn’t even learn from them. This girl needs a smarter friend, to tell her to snap out of it. Yes, I do like these books but geez girl you are dealing with DEMONS. They maybe not Judeo/Christian demons but still Kara has been blind all this time.

This book left me befuddled, muddled and perplexed that Kara didn’t see what happened in this book coming, because I did. I still don’t understand how The Grove and Kara communicated with the dampening color around her neck. Kara keeps putting human parameters on her demon host.

The sexual component of the book always feel like scratching an itch instead of a connections on an emotional level. For a girl who had only two prior sexual partners Kara makes up for lost time.

At the end of the last book Ryan and Kara tell each other they love each other, but I love you doesn’t seem to matter to Kara that much to keep her legs closed to demon lords. No I am no slut shaming a girl I love, BUT I love you means something different for Kara than me personally.

Yes I do have problems with Kara, but she is like a friend I don’t always agree with; but will still support despite us disagreeing; Kara and I disagree a lot on how she should proceed in her life. There is a large betrayal in this book, and it managed to close a door on a major relationship, but a relationship that I never really felt, so it was no great loss for me. Kara trusts too easily and ends up on the bad end of the relationship with a psycho demon. I do think the author has a long game with her characters.

I recommend this series for readers who like their heroines fallible. A heroine who learns as she goes, but might not file everything she knows away for future use. Books that are written in first person point of view.

What you get in this book, lots of the demon realm. There is no police procedural. I actually found Kara a really poor cop. This pure urban fantasy book was a real delight.

I listened and read this book. The audiobook was a delight.


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