Public Relations by Katie Heaney and Arianna Rebolini * Summer Reading Recommendation

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Public Relations by Katie Heaney and Arianna Rebolini * Summer Reading RecommendationPublic Relations by Katie HeaneyArianna Rebolini
Published by Grand Central Publishing on May 9th 2017
Genres: Fiction, Coming of Age, Contemporary Women, Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy, Humorous, General
Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781455595679

"Cinderella for the modern age." --Kirkus

Young PR star Rose Reed is thrown into the big leagues when her boss leaves town the day of the firm's meeting with Archie Fox, a young, hot, internationally famous British singer-songwriter. The meeting is going badly until Rose suggests a staged romance with up-and-coming, young indie star Raya. He'll do it, but only if Rose becomes his publicist.

As the faux-mance between Archie and Raya begins to rehabilitate Archie's faltering career, Rose finds his herself having unexpected, inconvenient and definitely unprofessional feelings for the crooner. But do late night texts and impromptu burrito binges mean he feels the same? In the end, Rose will have to decide whether to let her fantasy crush go, or to risk her reputation to be with the charming, handsome, scoundrel-y but sweet pop star she's grown to love.

With a razor-sharp voice full of wry humor, Public Relations is a fun-filled glimpse behind the curtain of the PR machines that create our favorite celebrities.

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Summer Reading Recommendation

Looking to add to your Summer TBR? Well look no further than PUBLIC RELATIONS to throw in your beach bag or add to your reading device. It’s the perfect escape into the world of celebrity and what goes on behind the scenes. Archie and Rose’s story is sexy, steamy, smartly written, and loads of fun! A romantic comedy for 2017 that will satisfy your mind and your heart!



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