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Interview with author Sutton BishopAfraid to Fall (Ancient Passages, #1) by Sutton Bishop
Also by this author: Afraid to Fall (Ancient Passages, #1), Afraid to Hope, Hearts Don't Lie, Afraid to Love
Published by NliveN LLC on November 2, 2018
Genres: Romance
Format: eBook, Paperback
ISBN: 2940161883006

Guatemala—a country rife with civil unrest, human and narco-trafficking, and looters of antiquity is the perfect backdrop for AFRAID TO FALL—a steamy story of romance, adventure, and suspense.

Needing a break from both her personal and professional life, forensic anthropologist Ariana Antony makes a spur-of-the-moment decision to join a research expedition in Guatemala’s Petén jungle.

Haunted by guilt, Dr. Luca Fierro is still healing from a tragic accident. His life revolves around research, teaching, and triathlons.


Ari and Luca first meet. Their attraction is explosive. It is also off-limits.

Can Ari lower her defenses and let Luca in? Can Luca heal his deep wounds and explore new territory with Ari?

What begins as a scientific adventure turns into a life-and-death struggle for survival, forcing them to explore and confront their demons and desires.

*** For Mature Audiences Only ***

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An Interview with Debut Author Sutton Bishop


Tell us about your debut romance, Afraid to Fall.

Afraid to Fall is set in Guatemala, most of it occurring in the Petén Department, which is overwhelmingly rich with Mayan ruins, artifacts, and culture. American Ari Antony and Italian Luca Fierro are two members of the international team of specialists participating in a summer interdisciplinary research project. They arrive in Guatemala with serious emotional baggage—hers, a shattered intimate relationship and his, the tragic death of his wife. Their attraction is immediate and explosive. What begins as a scientific adventure turns into a life-and-death struggle for survival, forcing Ari and Luca to explore and confront their demons and desires.

Is anything in Afraid to Fall that is based on real-life experiences, or is the story purely all imagination?

Afraid to Fall is my imagination, grounded in real-life experiences. As a seasoned, widely published nonfiction writer and essayist, I’ve always adhered to “write what you know.” What I know is the framework of the story—threads from my travels throughout Central America (and yes, I’ve been to Guatemala several times) and the people I’ve met, as well as my education (anthropology, forensics, and history). When writing fiction, I discovered I’m a pantser, preferring not to work from an outline. My characters “talked” to me and I had a few “Whoa!” moments when my characters totally surprised me. I don’t want to give anything away.


How did you come up with the title?

The original title was Colibrí. Why? The folklore of the colibrí(hummingbird) figures into the story. That’s all I’m going tosay… I was having lunch with two of my writer friends in Ohio, one an internationally best-selling romance author. She strongly encouraged me to drop the title, adamant that a Spanish title wouldn’t be as sellable. The three of us threw around title ideasas we waited for lunch, with no success. My younger daughter had just finished a college tour and joined us. Our food arrived,and the discussion moved on to a particular writing conference and how to get there; it was out west. One of my writer friends said she was going to pass because driving would take days. My daughter asked her why she didn’t just fly, and her response was because she was afraid to fall. Bingo. That answer gave me chills. It was the title, and meaningful on several different layers.


What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

Toughest criticism: “You’re not close to being ready to publish.” I had thought I was, so hearing that, along with all the areas that needed work, was tough. I took a week off and reflected on what I had put into the book and what my goal was. After shaking off the disappointment, I set down to address the issues, and some 12,000 words later I had a much better story. I’m deeply grateful to the person who was brutally honest.

Best compliment: “I’m there, in your book. I can feel, smell, and see it all.” Early beta readers time and again spoke about the world-building, and I was so happy that I could make Guatemala come alive for readers.

What was most difficult in writing your book?

Afraid to Fall is not only my debut romance but my first effort at writing fiction. As a non-fiction writer, I struggled with “letting go” in fiction, allowing my imagination to run free and allow my characters to chime in regularly. I had to learn to trust the process, and I had a blast.

Which of your characters would you like to meet in person and why?

I love them all, even the dark ones. However, I’d like to meet Luca. Why? He’s tall, dark, handsome, ripped, mesmerizing, charming, intelligent, possesses a wicked sense of humor,protective, determined, smoldering. Italian (I have a love affair with Italy!). Yeah, when I was creating him, he had my heart racing, more than once. I had to get up from my desk numerous times while writing him and, you know, walk it off.

What’s a superpower you wish you had?


I envy Helen Parr’s abilities (Elastigirl of The Incredibles)—superhuman strength, stretching, flexibility, and shapeshifting, allowing her to balance motherhood, work, and extracurricular activities. She makes it all look so easy (*wink*).


E-book or print?


While I read a ton on my Kindle, it doesn’t come close to giving me the sensory pleasure (smell and feel) of a physical book. With that in mind, Afraid to Fall is available in e-book AND paperback

Favorite color?




Favorite season?




Cowboy hat or cowboy boots?


Boots! I have a boot fetish.


Beach or mountain?


Can’t choose. Both sate my soul.


What are you working on now?


Multiple projects. Afraid to Fall is Book 1 in the Ancient Passages series. I am in the process of writing Book 2, not yet titled, set in another part of the world. Readers of Afraid to Fallwill have some familiarity with the central character. I also have a fairytale in the works, the first book in a paranormal romance series started, and the opening chapter of another series written.


Before you go, tell us about yourself.

I’m a Midwest mom of four—two boys and two girls and married to the love of my life. Traveling is my passion, most notably to places where I can explore the past. Afraid to Fall is my debut romance and is available through these booksellers:


I love to interact with my readers and the romance tribe. Those interested in news, giveaways, events, and more can sign up for my newsletter through my site and follow me—Author Sutton Bishop—Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) as well as Goodreads and BookBub.

About Sutton Bishop

I’ve been creating stories since I was a young girl. Playing in the rural meadows and woods in Illinois ​afforded my active imagination ample opportunity to go wild.

I grew up believing in fairy tales and dreaming of Prince Charming, creating some fanciful, complex stories. I crushed hard on most of my prince charmings. Many of them disappointed me, but a few did not. Those that didn’t matured as I matured. I added textures of character, physicality, and backstory. My monkey mind stayed busy, fleshing them out with strengths, weaknesses, and idiosyncrasies, based on men I met and experiences I had. Putting the stories on paper came much later, after four kids and a disjointed career.

My passions are culture and history. I have degrees in anthropology, forensics, and history. I have traveled near and far, asked countless questions, and made untold observations. Out great world is my imagination-laboratory, and writing brings it all together—the layers, the ordinary, and the extraordinary. Writing is how I explore the “what ifs.”

Anything is possible and often is. I invite you to take a break from your day-to-day living. Take a journey in a book. Immerse yourself in fantasy. What if?

Lose yourself in romance. Read mine.

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  1. Pam

    Been looking forward to the release of “Afraid to Fall” for some time! Can’t wait to read it! Congratulations on a huge achievement!

  2. Sue Colt

    Great interview!
    Now I’m even more excited to read the book and knowing that there will be a another, in the Ancient Passages series, is a teaser!

    • Thanks! THIS Friday, Nov. 2nd, Afraid to Fall goes on sale! Come party with me Thursday (Nov. 1st) online. The info is in the group. Oh, yeah. There’s more coming in the Ancient Passages series. Another place… And…

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