??Release Day??The Chateau: An Erotic Thriller (The Original Sinners) by Tiffany Reisz??

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??Release Day??The Chateau: An Erotic Thriller (The Original Sinners) by Tiffany Reisz??The Chateau (The Original Sinners, #9) by Tiffany Reisz
Also by this author: The King, The Virgin, The Queen, The Queen (The Original Sinners: White Years, #4), The Confessions, The Bourbon Thief, The Bourbon Thief, The Night Mark, The Red, Michael's Wings: An Original Sinners Collection, The Lucky Ones, The Rose, Winter Tales, The Priest (The Original Sinners, #9), The Pearl (The Godwicks, #3)
Series: The Original Sinners #9
Also in this series: The King, The Virgin, The Queen (The Original Sinners: White Years, #4), The Priest (The Original Sinners, #9)
Published by 8th Circle Press on June 5th 2018
Pages: 320
Format: Netgalley eARC
ISBN: 9781548681951

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As the Jack-of-All-Wicked-Trades for a secretive French military intelligence agency, 24-year-old Lieutenant Kingsley Boissonneault has done it all—spied, lied, and killed under orders. But his latest assignment is quite out of the ordinary. His commanding officer's nephew has disappeared inside a sex cult, and Kingsley has been tasked with bringing him home to safety.

The cult’s holy book is Story of O, the infamous French novel of extreme sado-masochism. Their château is a looking-glass world where women reign and men are their willing slaves. Or are they willing? It’s Kingsley’s mission to find out.

Once inside the château, however, Kingsley quickly falls under the erotic spell cast by the enigmatic Madame, a woman of wisdom, power, and beauty. She offers Kingsley the one thing he’s always wanted. But the price? Giving up forever the only person he’s ever loved.

The Chateau is a new standalone Original Sinners novel from international bestseller Tiffany Reisz, author of The Siren and The Lucky Ones.

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Hello, my name is Robbie and I’m a Kingsley Addict. In a perfect universe, there would be a new story about him every day. . . kind of like the world’s hottest soap opera, but because author Tiffany Reisz holds the keys to our Kingsley Kingdom, we give thanks for days like today — Release Day for The Chateau, the latest episode of the Kingsley Boissonneault story.

Today’s episode begins with a dream. Not long after the brief prologue, I had an epiphany. Because I have read so many of the author’s works and because I’ve not only read but analyzed them for artistic integrity, I feel safe in my observation that the distinguishing characteristic of The Original Sinners Series is a dream-like quality. Never mind what’s going on — and there is always a lot going on in these books — it’s like a dream. Do you remember times in your life when you’ve been bored beyond description and you’ve turned to daydreams to entertain yourself? That’s the quality I’m describing. It’s a free-floating mental exercise that allows you to go anywhere in your mind. Tiffany Reisz has mastered putting this quality into her books and it makes them so much fun to read! It as if you and the author are sharing a naughty fantasy.

So, a brief overview . . . We find our darling Kingsley in his younger years when he was a spy in a French intelligence agency. He is given an unusual assignment by his superior officer — to rescue the officer’s nephew, a young man he suspects has joined a sex cult.  When our darling arrives at the Chateau, headquarters of the alleged cult, he lands right in the middle of a sexual fantasy world where The Story of O is the guidebook. The submissives are all men, the Doms are all women led by the ultimate Dom, a beautiful and mysterious woman known only as Madame. Our Kingsley has experienced mind games at the hands of a master, but he is still unprepared for the mind of Madame. Readers like me who love him will be mesmerized and horrified by the power Madame wields and the potential outcome for King.

I wish my feeble attempts at reviewing could do justice to the talent Ms. Reisz brings to the world of erotica. I sometimes wonder if my reviews of her work have any credibility because they are always 5 sinful stars. Using my own standards I have to say “yes.” A five-star story is always original, always creative, always well-written, and if it is written lovingly and with humor, well, that is just a gift from the author. Go buy this book and have fun reading it even if you haven’t read The Original Sinners Series. The Chateau is considered a standalone and it is Tiffany Reisz at her finest.

Many Thanks to 8th Circle Press for the Opportunity to Read & Review The Chateau!

About Tiffany Reisz

Tiffany Reisz is the USA Today-bestselling author of the Romance Writers of America RITA®-winning Original Sinners series from Harlequin’s Mira Books.

Born in Owensboro, Kentucky, Tiffany graduated from Centre College with a B.A. in English. She began her writing career while a student at Wilmore, Kentucky’s Asbury Theological Seminary. After leaving seminary to focus on her fiction, she wrote The Siren, which has sold more than half a million copies worldwide.

Tiffany also writes mainstream women’s suspense fiction, including The Bourbon Thief (winner of the RT Book Reviews Seal of Excellence Award) and the RITA®-nominated The Night Mark.

Her erotic fantasy The Red—self-published under the banner 8th Circle Press—was named an NPR Best Book of the Year and a Goodreads Best Romance of the Month. It also received a coveted starred review from Library Journal.

Tiffany lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband, author Andrew Shaffer, and two cats. The cats are not writers

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